1. M

    208 A-MAX 300ultra test, new video,

    Well i have been wondering about the 208 A-MAX & retumbo for the 300RUM since i heard hornady came out with the 208, but haven't heard much about them for the RUM nor could i find any data for this combo, and ive asked everywhere to no avail, so i finally bit the bullet so to speak, and ordered...
  2. BigPig069

    Model 70 300Ultra Mag

    The wife heard me talking to a buddy about wanting a 300 ultra mag so she took it upon herself to go out and by me one, Not the one I was going to purchase (Model 70 Black Shadow), Now my question is should I try to build off this or should I try to pick up a Sendero like I was intending to do...
  3. 3

    300ultra mag

    i have 300ultra mag douglas barell 1/12 twist air miked want to shoot retumbo what powder, Bullet grains length help