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Model 70 300Ultra Mag


Full Member
Apr 8, 2009
Corpus Christi Texas
The wife heard me talking to a buddy about wanting a 300 ultra mag so she took it upon herself to go out and by me one, Not the one I was going to purchase (Model 70 Black Shadow), Now my question is should I try to build off this or should I try to pick up a Sendero like I was intending to do? Any input would be helpful on where to start. THANKS
Re: Model 70 300Ultra Mag

First tell your wife she is friggin awesome then buy your sendero. Keep both of'em. I see no reason why you couldn't build build off your winni.
Re: Model 70 300Ultra Mag

That black shadow is gonna whack ya!!!!

I inherited a M700 BDL 300Rum, shot 1/2 box of 180 grn something and flat out put it back in the box!

It was pissed off!

Some time later I dropped the barrelled action into a HS vertical grip stock and swear 50% of the recoil was reduced.

The lines / mass of that BDL stock made that thing no fun.

Some day I plan to use the Mag action for some kind of build.....one of these days.

I shot a buddies 300WSM that was a Black Shadow - it was pretty lively. 300 Rum.....ouch.

Have fun
Re: Model 70 300Ultra Mag

Snyper762, I tell my wife all the time she is awesome, that must be why she buys stuff like that for me, I am thinking of ordering another stock and muzzle break and see how this shoots before I do any major modifications. Thanks for the input
Re: Model 70 300Ultra Mag

Is your Black Shadow CRF? The standard Black Shadow rifle was a push-feed action, and manufactured only in 270 Win, 30-06, 7mmRM and 300WM. But if my memory is functioning properly tonite, there was a limited run of Black Shadows for one outfit or another, that were built on the CRF Classic action in the 300RUM. FWIW, the Classic action in 300RUM is sought after by some to build 416's and such on.
Re: Model 70 300Ultra Mag

I would build off that Black Shadow. No reason to hurt the feeling of a wife that is that awesome. You can always build another rifle but you can't always find a wife like that.