1. Turbwhistle

    SOLD (3) 5 round aics mags .308 ai/accurate

    Selling (3) 308 5 round aics mags 1 ai mag with binder plate 2 accurate mags no binder plate $50each or $130 for all 3 sold!
  2. N

    WTB Looking for .308 SRP brass, Peterson or alpha. Also looking for match dies

    Looking for preferably new or once fired SRP .308 brass, alpha or Peterson. Also looking for match dies
  3. Bcon

    The BADDEST Cerakote you’ve ever seen COTTONMOUTH SNAKE REM 700

    Just wanted to show off the work Daniel did on my rifle over at Primal Finish in TN. I’ve had this idea for a few years and was foolishly going to attempt it myself at one point. I’m glad I hesitated and put it in the hands of a true master. This rifle is my baby, the gun I started shooting long...
  4. pineoak

    SOLD Seekins HIT .308

    $1825 shipped CONUS to your FFL in original plastic case Seekins HIT rifle .308 24" barrel Flat Dark Earth threaded 5/8 flawless functioning; feeding and ejection only these rounds down barrel: 40rds 147 PMC Bronze 100rds 168 Hornady ELD-M first owner, original box right hand folding stock...
  5. F

    New Here

    Hey everyone, I am new here; I Just wanted to say hello. I have been shooting for many years now. I was in the Marine Corps (infantry) and National guard. My dad has been a sniper for 30+ years (probably at this point, lol). He is still in the army. Anyway, I have a Savage 10 .308, the first...
  6. F

    .308 win 175smk 20" 2650fps Powder Charge?

    Howdy all, Im looking to push a 175gr SMK to 2650fps out of a 20" Remington 700 short action so my ACSS Apollo BDC is accurate past 800yds. Bit of an ask out of an 20" I know but i believe its doable. My question is has anyone produced loads that replicate the performance I'm looking for...
  7. T

    Help w/ Zeroing Irons on a 16" Barrel .308, using the MBUS Pro LR Sights

    I'm planning to zero my rifle tomorrow afternoon, maybe you can help? I'm using only irons tomorrow since I haven't an optic yet. These are my BUIS on an AR platform in .308 caliber. Will be using the Magpul MBUS Pro LR rear/front. Will likely shoot FGMM 168 gr. or other match grade. My plan is...
  8. gilgsn

    Newbie from France.

    Hello. Just getting into rifle shooting... Well, I've had a few, but never shot long distance, i.e. more than 100m. I was into, and still am into pistol shooting. I started young, with BP revolvers before I could buy my first cartridge gun, A Coonan 357, LOL. i got into IPSC competitions, until...
  9. Ak7

    Accessories AI AICS 5rd .308 mags ***SOLD***

    I have 3 AICS AI .308 mags available. 45 each shipped. Thanks!
  10. JMBlackwater226R

    Firearms Pre-Ban H&K 91

    1978 Pre Ban HK 91 Highly sought after SACO Import with the S-F selector. Excellent condition. Comes with (10) 20 Rnd magazines. $4,500 for the package Open to trades for Precision Rifle in .338LM or .338 Norma
  11. B

    First time out with new TacOps X-Ray 51

    I just got this thing last week and couldn't get to the range due to work and family commitments until today. Didn't prepare well and was in too much of a rush. Didn't bring my tool kit out with me so I couldn't set the zero on my turrets. Was 5 minutes from the range (which is over an hour...
  12. Kinetic Moose

    Accessories WTB .308 barrel blank 7-8 twist

    Hey, thanks for reading. Building a 300 and need a barrel. Looking for M24 profile, heavy palma, something, only need 18"... she said... PM with what you have.

    SOLD Daniel Defense .308 AR10

    Selling my DD5V1 to fund another build that will be done soon. Rifle shoots .75” with 168 federal SMK. Rifle has around 450 rounds through it. Overall in very good condition, small nick on the CH and light wear on the pic rail from mounts but otherwise in excellent shape. The rifle cycles any...
  14. UK_Mike

    .308 Sub-Sonic with VV N32C & Lapua 200gr Sub FMJBT Bullets

    Hi Guys I am in need of a little help and guidance on starting a load development for a .308 sub-sonic round. All the info I have managed to obtain relates to Trail Boss and the most suitable power for this. As I live in London England and were up until recently part of the EU who decided that...
  15. K

    SOLD WTS: AccurateOrdnance (Stiller TAC30) .308 barreled action

    SOLD Bolt face is in excellent condition, never blew out primers from over pressured reloads. I'm estimating 3500~ rounds fired. With 42.8gr Varget in Lapua brass I am getting 2600 fps using 185 Juggernauts. Haven't shot paper in a while so I don't know what accuracy level the barrel sits at...
  16. S

    SOLD Larue and Lancer 7.62 AR10 Mags SPF

    I have three brand new Larue 7.62 mags and two Lancer 10rd 7.62 mags looking for $300 shipped for all of them. Payment venmo, zelle, cashapp, paypal f&f no notes or usps money order. SOLD
  17. Vivacious Stallion

    SOLD Desert Tech MDRX with .308 and 5.56 kits

    Hello Members of the Hide, I have encountered some unexpected grad school bills that even the Biden bucks couldn't save me from and and have decided to let my Desert Tech MDRX Forward Eject in the sexy FDE color go. This is the updated gun (MDRX) not the original MDR (consult pictures for...
  18. wpgk58

    Reloading Equipment Peterson .308 SRP 500 x2 count New Lower Price

    Brand New .308 SRP brass Two (1lot Sold) lots of 500 pieces 500 for $425.00 shipped CONUS Payment: PayPal F&F ( or add 3%), Zelle or cash.
  19. SamBrinkman1

    Tikka T3x tac a1 troubles

    I have a Tikka T3X Tac A1 in .308 I’ve just started reloading but have pretty good equipment. After a lot of research I decided to do a OCW test with Berger 168 vld hunting. Built up about 20 5 shot groups at different charges all .020 off jam and found what I thought to be a good 1/4 inch...
  20. A

    Rex Silentium MG7K

    I'm looking at buying the Rex Silentium MG7k suppressor. Anyone have any experience of running the .308 can shooting a 6.5 creed? Is it hearing safe? I'm looking for a hunting situation. Also, I keep hearing about deals and promo codes. Has anyone heard anything about them? Lastly, if anyone...