1. G

    SOLD Houston, TX Primers - GM 210M, CCI 400, CCI 250

    Would love to do a FTF for this but can look at shipping if necessary. Baby on the way, new job and very little time to shoot: 5x 1k GM210M same lot Federal Match LRP - $sold 7x 100ct CCI 250 Magnum LRP - $sold 5x 100ct CCI 400 SRP small rifle primers - $sold also have a ton of 1x-2x fired...
  2. B

    Rifle Scopes Up to 400 yards - what power scope?

    Solve one of the debates a friend and I have been having. We've been arguing about what is a smart power range on your optic for engagements up to 400 yards. With my eyes, I always like higher magnification, he thinks 10x is sufficient for any job. I just threw a 3.5-15x50 Nightforce on a...
  3. RidgeRebel

    cci 400 small rifle primers in an AR 15

    I have been using these primers in my AR for a while and had no problems but I was told that these primers could slam fire. Is this true or are they safe in AR's?
  4. H

    Dope & Results @ 200, 300, & 400 yds-Fed Am Eagle

    Had a perfect day today, very little wind, 70 deg. F, & sunny! Ammo is Federal American Eagle 40 gr. solid, Averages 1248 fps in my gun, an Anschutz 64 MPR. $1.59 a box! Shoots consistent .3-.5" 50 yard groups, twice as big as Wolf ME but 1/4 the price. Groups at 100 yards on out seem to be...