1. SAS_Sniper

    BIG ONE .408CT

    http://www.armeriacamuna.it/pdf/prova_armimag_408/prova_armimag408.pdf this is the italian rifle in 408 ct ... very great rifle!! i have shoot a pair of times and is very precise and strong!! Here in italy, 408 is a few used caliber... we have few long range location where use this caliber...
  2. KYS

    408CT - McRee's Precision

    Thought I would post this: I have had my 408CT for about 2 years now. It came in an adjustable McMillan stock. I didnt much care for that stock and after some advice from a fellow SH member I called Scott McRee. He hooked me up with a stock in 5 business days!!!! Now that is customer service...
  3. S

    Anyone try VV 24n41 in 408CT

    150 grains takes me to top of shoulder. Checking burn rate charts it looks doable. I will start low and chrono but if any info out there I would appreciate sharing/opinion's. I'm going to start with the RMB 420gr jacketed.