1. BigBrother

    Rifle Scopes For those with a 44mm USO..

    Can anyone tell me the actual physical diameter of the objective end of a 44mm USO? Doing some rough estimates/measuring and it would help a lot. Inches or mm is fine. Thanks!
  2. sobrbiker883

    Rifle Scopes OD of USO Ergo 44mm??

    Can anyone with a 3.2-17 SN3 with an Ergo objective do me a favor and measure the OD of their objective? Mine's gone and I need to order rings for its replacemnt. If I can get the OD of the USO I will know how much room I have to work with....
  3. Jimmy2Times

    Rifle Scopes ST-10- 37 or 44mm objective?

    Which is better? Is it simply a question of being easier to mount the 37mm, or are there other differences?
  4. ArcticLight

    Rifle Scopes USO 44mm Objectives

    I picked up this 44mm sunshade, a USOptics, from Will - Now I have an ST-10, and it's like a 50mm objective. This 44mm is right nice, lower profile. I saw on their website that the new ST-10 is a 37mm objective.... They making the ST-10 smaller now? It may be time to change out scopes...