1. H

    Any pointers for improving 4th + 5th shots.

    First time trying my hand at precision shooting today. Although I was able to put together a few good groups, more times than not I completely blew the group on the 4th or 5th shot. I probably just need more practice but I'm trying to develop some loads, and this makes it hard to know a good...
  2. Chiller

    Maggie’s My 4th......

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  3. nsnutter

    Photos 4th of July Trip to the Range with '43 m91/30

    Took a quick trip out to the range today, not a bad way to spend part of 4th of July
  4. D

    Maggie’s 4th of July congrats from Spain

    Having some friends from the USA and having been there a couple of times I just realized today is 4th of July. I just wanted to congratulate all people here and USA in general, specially people serving in the Armed Forces specially USAF. Have a nice day, your friend DESOLA (Air Force, E-7, EOD...
  5. coulthard_west

    July 4th f class match in la

    Any shooters in Louisiana interested in shooting a fclass match with us on our freedom day. One out and play. Here's the web site. www.paloaltogunclub.com pm me with any questions