50 bmg

  1. MWoody8604

    Firearms WTS Barrett M99 50BMG $3,700 $5,300 w/scope

    Barrett M99 Around 200 rounds fired. Great shooting rifle with Hornady Amax. Bipod has chipped some of the paint off where it folds up for storage in the case. I will put the original muzzle break back on once it's sold as I'm keeping the pictured suppresor muzzle break for my next build...
  2. Grantimoto

    Firearms Rap 50 bmg with nightforce nxs

    Iver Johnson 50 bmg. Rap 50/amac 1500. Nanuk 995 case, 33 rounds of ammo, nightforce nxs 5.5-22x. Everett, Washington $4500
  3. T

    50 bmg ammo

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased my dream rifle which is a m82a1. I had trouble finding any discussion on the ammo to use for it, I assumed mil surplus ammo from lake city is suitable for it but after doing some research I was seeing stuff about resizing the bullets or brass? Just wanted some...
  4. cuzi.defense

    Barrett M95 Sling Suggestions

    I recently picked up a Barrett M95 and love the Pelican case it comes in, but would rather carry it on a sling. I have a Magpul MS3 that I put on just to see if it would work but am curious if there are any slings specifically designed for the M95. A simple google search didn't show many...
  5. B

    Which sub $3k 50 BMG?

    In March '14 I'll be purchasing my first 50 cal rifle. My budget will be around $3k for the rifle (not including Optics). From the research I've done it looks like the AR 50 is the most recommended starter rifle for those looking for accuracy without the need for a lighter weight rifle...
  6. A

    Best rail for 50 bmg for use with night vision

    Hello, I'm building a 50 BMG on a McMillian stock and a McMillian repeater action and I'm looking for a rail so if I ever wanted to use night vision I could just slap it on. I have heard nothing but negative things on McCann Industries Mc50 Mount and was wondering what would be the best...