1. Tidesnax

    Optics WTS: Athlon Ares ETR 4.5-30 APRS1 Mil w/ Vortex PMR rings and bubble level

    Selling Athlon Ares ETR 4.5-30x56 with APRS1 Mil reticle Comes with Vortex Precision Match Rings and Vortex bubble level Comes in original box $1000 OBO
  2. 19Scout77

    Rifle Scopes Rings for 56mm NXS

    Hey 56mm NF NXS users! What height rings are you using? I've got 20moa base and m24 contour. As all set-ups are a little different I am just trying to get a general idea as to what height rings work. TIA
  3. Hasgun Willtravel

    Rifle Scopes 20MOA base 56mm obj. ring height? Med High or High

    What rings are you guys running. I have a set of mediums on the way, may be too low. Its a NF with a 56mm obj., and a 20 MOA base, medium palma countour... Was told that Medium highs may not even be enough...
  4. HiCapMag

    Rifle Scopes What height rings -- 56mm Ojective and 45 MOA base

    Pardon me, I know I asked this before, but damn if I can find it... What size Badger rings (or other brands if that is your experience) do you need with a 56mm objective lens scope and a 45 MOA base in order for the objective to clear the barrel (big fat barrel). Anyone with actual or even...
  5. D

    Rifle Scopes Next Nightforce question 50 or 56MM

    So I guess my next question is 50 or 56MM. Which do you prefer? How much do you actually give up sticking with 50MM so you can keep the scope lower?
  6. bowtie4x4295

    Rifle Scopes Which rings for NXS 56mm

    I have a set of Seekins 6 screw mediums that I used for the 50mm leupold. I just purchased a 56mm NXS, and I am almost sure the Seeking will not work for the NF. The scope will be sitting on a 20 MOA EGW base, the barrel is a Rock M24/M40 contour barrel. Just curios which rings height I will...