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6.5 prc

  1. K

    6.5 PRC medium action

    Planning to build a 6.5 PRC in the next year or so, loading with Berger 156s over H1000. I’ve been doing a bunch of research and it sounds like people make it work fine in short actions but people are always saying go mid to long. I can’t really find any info on what benefits I’m getting from...
  2. J

    Reloading Equipment 6.5 PRC nosler brass $75

    50 rounds of Nosler premium brass new in box and 42 rounds of once shot Hornady outfitter brass. Looking for $75
  3. J

    SOLD Bergara Permier LRP 2.0 price reduced $1200

    42 round's through the rifle in total. Shot Hornady outfitter 130 grain. Carried it for one season for deer hunting so it has some minor superficial scratches. Bergara LRP2.0 in 6.5 prc Bergara premier action. Barrel 26 inch #6 taper Stock: XLR® Element 3.0 ARCA rail TriggerTech®...
  4. PRCHunter

    Accessories WTT TL3 PRC bolt head

    Want to trade my Zermatt TL3 PRC/SAUM bolt head for your 308 (.473) bolt head. Not looking to sell or trade for anything but a 308 bolt head. Please don’t ask. Less than 300 rounds fired with it. PM for pics.
  5. E

    Firearms Kauger Arms 6.5 PRC

    Custom 6.5 PRC by Kauger Arms Only 75 shots through it 24” threaded carbon barrel with LR vertical grip and 20 MOA pic rail scope mount 6.5lbs Comes with magpul bipod, sling, and Plano hard case Optic not included $3000 shipped
  6. wyo_lrhs

    SOLD Tikka T3X 300 WSM

    Tikka T3x LA MDT 20moa Rail Shouldered McGowen 300 WSM, 18" 1-9T, threaded 5/8-24, Remington Magnum Contour. APA Gen III Fat Bastard MDT BRN-1 Chassis, Inlet for Tikka LA MDT SCS Buttstock MDT Folder, CTC, 2 Way Lock MDT Elite Vertical Grip MDT Tikka LA 5rd Mag Scope, rings, and bipod NOT...
  7. Jdowney37

    Reloading Equipment 6.5 and 300 PRC brass ADG and Lapua

    Selling off some extra brass. Prices include shipping. -100 pcs 6.5 PRC ADG brass, majority is 3x fired, a few 4x fired. Annealed, cleaned, sized, ready to load. Primer pockets are all still nice and tight. Includes boxes. $90 -100 pcs 300 PRC Lapua brass, mix of 2 and 3x fired. Brass was...
  8. M

    SOLD Fierce Reaper 6.5 PRC Excellent Condition

    Fierce Reaper 6.5 PRC. Excellent condition. Bix ‘N Andy trigger. Folding Carbon Fiber stock with adjustable LOP and cheek piece. Fierce C3 Carbon Fiber 24 inch barrel. Fierce Nix Brake. Extremely lightweight. 7 lb, 3 oz. Rifle has 60 rounds through it. Very beautiful and accurate rifle. I have...
  9. Spartan Precision Arms

    Ammo New - Lapua Brass - 6.5PRC

    Lapua Brass ~ 6.5PRC 2 Boxes, 100 count per box Unopened $310 shipped
  10. wyo_lrhs

    Accessories Yardsale, Tikka Barrels, Stocks, Random Rings, bottom metals, etc.

    Cleaning up around my garage and I've got a pile of things to get rid of. Tikka Barrels: Shouldered McGowen 6.5 SAUM, 24" 1-7.5, threaded 5/8-24, Savage Magnum Contour, Brand new $420 shipped Shouldered McGowen 300 WSM, 18" 1-9, threaded 5/8-24, Remington Magnum Contour. Has roughly 150 rounds...
  11. ZiggyD

    SOLD New Terminus Zeus QC, SA, RH, with Mag bolt

    I bought this action and was going to build a rifles with it. But I already have 3 impacts and don’t like having one action that is complete different then all the others that I already have. I would like $1550. It’s still with my Gun Smith so it’s not even been put into my name. I’m having him...
  12. FlintWeaponSystems

    Firearms 6.5 prc back country rifle for sale

    Spring is here. Getting a rifle ready for the fall is as easy as it gets with this precision packing weight rifle. The pinnacle of accuracy without cutting corners. Brand new Falkor mt7 action. accepts hawkins direct mount rings (deviance s/a) Triggertech special Preferred lapped 22" carbon...
  13. dzz

    looking to convert LR-308 DPMS gen 1 .308 barrel to 6.5 prc

    Hi, I have LR-308 DPMS gen 1 in .308 caliber gun and I'd like to convert it to 6.5 PRC. It is really difficult to find 6.5 PRC upper or 6.5 PRC barrel and BCG. Ideally, I'd like to just get new upper but if there is no other way, then replace my .308 barrel and BCG. I am looking for...
  14. Bran7869

    SOLD 6.5 PRC Proof Pre-fit Carbon Barrel for Impact w/APA Little Bastard Brake - Impact Magnum Bolt - 6.5 PRC Virgin Brass - Will Split

    Like New 6.5 PRC Proof Carbon Pre-fit Barrel (24" 7.5T) with an APA Little Bastard brake for an Impact Precision Action. I've only fired 12 rounds of factory ELD-X through this barrel. I built a light-weight rifle for my daughter and while the recoil isn't terrible it's still too much for her...
  15. Kms33kms

    6.5 prc strings. How much is too much?

    I have a 6.5 prc bergara hmr pro , it doesn’t have the thickest barrel , it’s kind of in between a hunting contour and comp contour. I only took 3 shot groups for the first 30-40 round and then I shot a couple of boxes while doing 10 shot groups. Is this too much for my barrel? What is the...
  16. Daniel Pierce

    Firearms Christensen Arms 6.5 PRC PACKAGE

    Asking $4000 shipped for the package. Price is OBO and I'm not really looking for trades. Text only at 5417307557 please! RIFLE: Ridgeline 6.5 PRC ROUND COUNT: 30 exactly BARREL: 24" 1:8 RH Twist Stainless/Carbon Fiber ACTION: R700 Style and accepts all R700 LA Bases STOCK: Bedded and free...
  17. R

    H4350 in 6.5 PRC

    So I am going to attempt to use this bullet from PVA for mule deer and possibly elk this year in my Seekins Havak 6.5 PRC https://patriotvalleyarms.com/flm-6-5mm-122gr-cayuga-hunting-bullets-50ct/ I called them and they said they recommend using 4350 powder for this. I have h4350, but also...
  18. aroddc3

    SOLD WTS Lapua 6.5 PRC Brass brand new

    I have one box of new Lapua 6.5 PRC brass. Price is $190 shipped. Local to DFW. No picture so scammers can’t use it. Can PM you one if you want verification.
  19. T

    Firearms SOLD. FS: 6.5 PRC Seekins Havac Pro Hunter

    I have a like new Seekins Havac Pro Hunter. in 6.5 PRC. The rifle has less than 20 rounds through it. Comes with a Vortex PST 3-15x44 scope, vortex rings, APA brake and seekins magazine. Moving and renovating a house. Reluctant to sale but would help. Asking $2300 shipped to your FFL.
  20. aroddc3

    SOLD XLR Envy, 6.5 PRC Brass and Reloads

    Moving on from a 6.5 PRC build. Selling some parts. - XLR Envy chassis with folder, bag rider, thumb shelf. Rem 700 SA. $1,000 plus shipping. - 6.5 PRC Hornady Brass - $300 shipped for all --- 163 cases fired 3x --- 36 cases fired 2x (cleaned and resized) --- 80 cases fired 1x - 6.5 PRC...