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    Reloading Equipment SOLD!! 6x47 and 6.5x47 Lapua Brass

    275 pieces of twice fired Lapua 6.5x47 brass. Some has been sized to 6x47 using a forster die. Small Rifle Primer. All lapua brass. Here's what's in the group: 6x47 100- cleaned and sized 77- cleaned, sized, prepped, primed with Federal Match Small Rifle 23- fireformed to chamber after...
  2. 308nate

    Photos 6X47 by SSG

    Just finished a customers rifle up and thought I'd share. a Phoenix action. PTG bolt with mini m16 extractor, .062 firing pin with a GT spring Tigged on handle with helix cam machined to match action. Broughton 7.3 twist, 28" barrel spiral fluted by Karl Kampfeld. a McMillan A-5 in 60 tan, 20...
  3. W

    Gunsmithing Is the R700 SA OK for the 6x47 ?

    Dumb question, but I do not have any experience with the 6x47. OR do you need a Long Action. Which is best for the heavier bullets? Also is the 6x47 and 6x47Lapau the same brass. What is the oveall length of the loaded 6x47? Thanks Bill
  4. D

    6x47 lapua w/115dtacs

    I've read a lot about the 6x47lapua shooting the 115s well but have not seen a lot of loads. What loads are you running? What kind of velocites are you obtaining? Are your es decent?
  5. Tribe

    Using 6x47 Swiss Match cases for 6x47 Lapua

    Just want to know if there is any potential problems with doing this...? A buddy and I shot some 6x47 Swiss Match through my 6x47L yesterday, and got a 1 inch drop in POI at 600yds vs the Lapua brass we were shooting... Don't even know load info, velocities or anything at this time... just...