1. Down Under Hunter

    50 BMG loading- 750 GRN AMAX OAL ??

    Can anyone suggest good loads they use using the 750 grn Amax and 50 BMG ? What OAL are you using ? Any other hints appreciated. Cheers DUH
  2. onechance

    .750 AMAX pricing

    Does anyone know who has the best dealer pricing on .750 gr. AMAXs?
  3. R

    Experience w/ Remington 742 or 750 woodsmaster?

    Anyone own one or have any experience with Remington's 742 or 750 woodsmaster? The Carbine version in .308 is calling to me for some reason. Accuracy? Reliability? Are there any after-market mags out there that hold more than 5 rounds? Thanks!
  4. J

    Hunting & Fishing Mr rock chuck meets Mr 750 A-Max

    300 yard shot with the Barrett 82A1 with a 750 A-Max BOOM HeadShot! OOPS broke the rock with that one! Hmmm the carnage