Gunsmithing remington 760 gamemaster

    another family rifle I might be shooting with, actually I want to make this my hunting rifle as it is half the weight of either of my 700's. It is an old 30-06 pump pretty sure it is a 760 gamemaster. heres my problem. gramps shot a ton of old den 43 armor piercing ammo with corrosive primers...
  2. glock10mmman

    Hunting & Fishing PD hunt. 760 yard confirmed shot **GRAPHIC picts**

    Had a hellova time last weekend on a dog hunt in western Kansas. 3 of us reaked havock for 2 days on a monster of a dog town. I pulled off an incredible shot folks. 760 yards, 223 w/ 50 grain V-max. Had a 10-15 MPH right to left wind. I had my 64 minutes of angle on my scope pegged out and was...