1. Wake_907

    Kimber 84 aftermarket Stock

    I have a Kimber hunter in 6.5 CM and am trying to find an aftermarket stock for it love the action and barrel but the stock isn't great.
  2. InTheWeeds

    Kimber 84M LPT

    Couldnt find much in terms of reviews on this rifle, probably since its is fairly new. Anyone know much about it? Theres a guy locally selling one in a .308 with a muzzle break for $900
  3. R

    Gunsmithing Kimber 84M accuracy problems

    I bought a new Kimber 84M Classic in 7mm-08 to celebrate getting back from Iraq a month ago. Unfortunately it doesn't shoot worth a shit. I had heard that this was a periodic problem with the Kimbers and that because of their dainty actions and firing pin springs may be prone to misfires but...
  4. vikz

    Kimber 84M LPT in 308..

    Hello guys i was just talking to one of my dealer and he just got one of this today, I was planning on down sizing some of my pistol collection and I want to get this rifle sometime tomorrow, he just need to check how much is his cost is, i just want a really nice rifle that i can enjoy shooting...