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accuracy international

  1. D

    Accessories WTS: AIAT 260Rem barrel

    Accuracy International AT 260Rem barrel 24" threaded 1526 rounds fired, consistent groups throughout Purchased from Mile High Shooting $250 shipped Zelle, PP F&F, USPS money order
  2. blhar15

    Accessories Accuracy International AT-X 6.5 Creedmoor barrels Elite Sand

    I have two AI 6.5 Creedmoor barrels available. They both only have about 100 rounds through them. One is marred up a bit on the flats, otherwise just basic handling marks from in storage. I no longer own my AI rifle so have no need for them. I am pretty sure they are Bartlein and they are in...
  3. Vivacious Stallion

    SOLD Proof Research: 6.5 Creedmoor Stainless Steel AI AXSR/AXMC Pre-fit Barrel, 24"

    Hello Hide, I have for sale an unfired/open box Proof Research 6.5 Creedmoor Stainless Steel Pre-fit Barrel for the AI AXSR or AXMC, 24", that I purchased from Mile High Shooting Accessories probably a year or so ago. I have moved to shooting an impact for PRS, so I do not need too many extra...
  4. Huskydriver

    Firearms Post 2013 axmc sfp 338lm or no barrel pb

    Post 2013 style axmc. Feed ramps are polished to a mirror finish. Cerakote is worn near ejection port but other than that this is an awesome axmc ready for Brandon aka @Short-bus to work his magic on a new coat. Both rrs arca rails included. The weights are not. AI factory 338lm barrel that...
  5. W

    Firearms Accuracy International AX308 20" Unfired *SOLD*

    I have finally decided to part with my Accuracy International AX308. The Rifle was purchased new fro Euro Optic roughly the middle of 2020, I have the original purchase receipt. The Rifle has never been fired and was kept in the safe. It has had an optic mounted but there are no marks from the...
  6. Supercarsteven

    MK 13 Mod 5

    Hello! I’ve been searching for a MK13 Mod 5 (chassis only). I have searched numerous sites, gunbroker, etc. for months with no luck. (These are much more difficult to find than I thought, especially in good condition). Does anyone have any suggestions to aid in my search? Thanks in advance...
  7. Kohl604

    Firearms BNIB AI AXSA 308 20” Pale Brown - Price Drop

    Brand New, unfired Accuracy International 308 20” in Pale Brown -Microscope perfect, not a single mark or blemish. -Box and factory goodies/nomenclature is included I bought this rifle in 2021 with intent of shooting it quite a bit. Priorities changed. $6100 Shipped Conus Would be interested...
  8. blhar15

    Firearms Accuracy International AXSA Elite Sand w/ Nightforce ATACR 6.5 CM

    This is an excellent condition Accuracy International AXSA rifle in Elite Sand, 6.5 Creedmoor, 24" barrel. $8,900 I bought this new a couple of years ago and used in a precision rifle course a couple of times and a little range time, but very few rounds through it and is like new condition...
  9. pineoak

    Firearms Accuracy International AT in FDE

    $4,275 $3,949 (action/stock/bolt only - without barrel) price is firm, no trades at this time Accuracy International AT in FDE with 800 rounds on the action (factory Hornady ammo only) factory folding stock factory 6.5CM AI barrel NEW unfired (24") Manufactured 2021 right hand configuration...
  10. Screach

    SOLD AI AX Chassis Pale Brown Rem 700 SA

    Hey all, I’ve got an AI AX Chassis Post ‘14 in Pale Brown for Remington 700 SA. It is currently rattle canned in a mock Kuiu Vias Camo pattern. Can be removed or left on per request. Only blemish is a small chip in the factory cerekote on the right side of the chassis. Comes with original box...
  11. P

    SOLD Accuracy International AT-X w/ Folding Stock

    SOLD We have a brand new Accuracy International gen 2 AT-X in our shop in Elite Sand chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. We just received and installed the Accuracy International folding hinge for the rifle stock. The price on this with the folding hinge is $5045. We can also put together a packaged...
  12. G

    Firearms Pre2014 AI AX in 6.5

    $4000 for rifle, have logbook with exact round count for buyers. Shoots fantastic. Bipod and suppressor not included, ATACR can be throw in for an extra $2500. 5-25 with T3 reticle. Great rifle, just don’t shoot it anymore. No trades, thank you!
  13. P

    SOLD Accuracy International AT-X Gen 2 Red w/ NV Bridge - Brand New

    Edit - listing updated 9/22 I have a brand new Accuracy International AT-X Gen 2 rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor that is brand new in stock at our shop. The AT-X is $4,000. Add $250 for the NV Bridge. We also have a folding hinge for $250 that can only be purchased with the rifle. No CC Fees if you...
  14. P

    Firearms Accuracy International AT-X Gen 2 Brand New

    I have a brand new Accuracy International AT-X Elite Sand Gen 2 6.5 Creedmoor in stock at our shop. The price is $4,550 shipped with no CC Fee to your FFL. I just received a folding hinge for this rifle. That is available for an additional cost.
  15. DWinborne

    Firearms Accuracy International AT308 — $3499

    For fastest reply, please text me at 4045832277. I have accounts with loads of positive feedback as a seller on Gunbroker, eBay and Reddit and I am happy to verify my identity there. Only trades I am interested in are a Nightforce ATACR 1-8 or a KAC SR-15 Upper. Like new, save a few minor...
  16. G

    Firearms Pre 2014 AI AX in 6.5CM

    had this rifle for a bit, and it shoot’s phenomenally well. Has exactly 289 rounds on the proof barrel. Loves 130 ELD-Ms. Also has AI competition trigger in it and a Reardon break installed to take plan B mounts for suppressors. Also has the RRS arca. Bipod, scope, NV, and can not included...
  17. GenericBadGuy

    Accessories Mod-Tac Supressor Shield for sale

    For sale: New ModTac Supressor Shield Direct Attach Suppressor Shield - In Extremis - 6.25" x 2", Natural (Carbon Fiber) - $160 shipped I accept PayPal Friends and Family and USPS Postal Money Orders. Check my feedback.
  18. T

    Please ban me

    Will do this again and you will be banned. Go read the rules.
  19. O

    Questions about an older AI chassis

    I came across a good deal on an older AI chassis for a SA Remington 700 and am interested in using it for an upcoming 6 GT build. Can someone identify this specific chassis so I can better identify parts for it? The cover is a Victor Company Viperskin. Secondly, It came with wobbly spigot...
  20. AIAW

    SOLD Accuracy International AW-50

    Well, I think it's time for this safe queen to find a new home. This is a very rare find as you don't see an AW-50 often, much less in this condition. As you can see from the pictures, this is a very good condition AW-50, chambered in 50 BMG of course. Total round count: 250. It will ship in a...