accuracy international

  1. ilikebmxbikes

    Accessories Badger Ord IMUNS 20 MOA- MK13 MOD 5 - $220 shipped NEW

    I am selling a few new in package MK13 MOD 5 Contract IMUNS 20 Moa Rails. These have the military finish on the top caps and are 'M' Marked. They are in new package and include all hardware and instructions. While intended for Stiller Mk13 mod 5's, these work on any Accuracy International...
  2. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD Accuracy International AICS/AW Stock Badger m2008/m2013

    For sale a Accuracy International folding stock (1.5/2.0) with tan thumbhole stocksides that has been inletted for a Badger M2008 or M2013 action. I had a short action in it. Setup right now to accept AW mags but can also accept AICS I believe. Stock will come with Accu-Shot Accuracy...
  3. T

    Accuracy International AWM Fan Made Parts Diagram

    So I’ve been working on a parts diagram for the AWM. Main purpose for this project was for maintenance and part identification in case something is misplaced and since there aren’t any detailed drawings out there I decided to take up the project. Some things I’m still looking for: would like...
  4. Kman866

    Accessories WTB - Spuhr SP-4002 Mount

    Looking to buy a Spuhr 4002 mount! Just picked up my dream AI and the mount is the last piece I need to wrap everything up and get to shooting! Let me know if you have one and we can work something out.
  5. M

    Accessories PRICE DROP AI AXMC 260rem Barrel Unfired

    Brand new, never fired 260Rem barrel for Accuracy International AXMC rifles. 26" Hawk Hill, medium/heavy Palma contour, 1-7.5 twist. Chambered and finished by the late, great Robert Gradous. $700 shipped to lower 48.
  6. CJP5

    Accessories $$$SOLD$$$ FS Accuracy International AISA 6 Dasher BBL for SNIPERS, NINJAS and overall BADASSES!

    $$$PRICE DROP$$$ Selling my barrel, sold my AT and AX rifles and need to clear our the rest. 6 Dasher bbl price drop: After market AT/AIAX 26" Steel 6 Dasher Proof barrel, 1in7 twist, AI contour, 276 rounds. Barrel is barley broke in, Asking $315.00. Was asking $490.00 I have fireformed Lapua...
  7. CJP5

    Accessories SOLD FS Accuracy International two stage competition trigger.

    Selling a lightly used Accuracy International two stage trigger and the new curved trigger shoe. It has about 250ish rounds on it, the trigger was used for a demo rifle. These triggers are amazing and fully tunable to whatever weight or stage you want. If you were to order from Euro Optic or...
  8. T

    SOLD WTS: MK13 Mod 5 Chassis

    Sold! Want to sell a Accuracy International Long Action Chassis in FDE, comes with 1 five round magazine Asking $1750.00 Shipped I can take Venmo or PayPal
  9. Dcdefense

    Accessories impact barrels and foundation stock

    i have several items up for grabs. A. 6.5 cm barrel new $500 22" brux 7.5 twist (impact)switchlug B. 6.5 cm barrel 900 rounds $175 24" (impact)switchlug C. 6mm cm barrel 300 rounds $350(impact)switchlug D & E accuracy international barrels 1100 rounds $150 (sold) F. foundation exodus bedded by...
  10. lowlight

    Pelican Set up for Tyler

    Tyler, Here are the Pictures of the Pelican 1615 Air with my AI rifles Barrels go in a barrel bag under the tripod so they are not just sitting out there as it appears when traveling
  11. S

    Firearms AI AX Short Action - PRICE DROP - Brake included

    For Sale - AI AX short action with 6CM barrel. Bought this last March 500 shots through the barrel with match Hornady. Original barrel. Comes with 10 round mag Comes with RRS dove tail rail and original. Comes with muzzle break $5,900 to your local FFL PayPal NO TRADES - Comes
  12. TangoSierra916

    Accessories Sold

    Have the following parts for sale: Still for sale: 5. LMT 2 stage trigger - $60 (or $100 for both) 6. Hipertouch 24E trigger - $110 8. LMT 2 stage trigger- $60 (or $100 for both **ALL THREE above items FOR $100 shipped** Sold items: 1. LMT Battlegrip - SOLD 2. LMT SOPMOD stock - SOLD 3. New...
  13. VaderRubiconJK

    Firearms WTB AI AX308, AX pre-14, or AT

    Looking to pick up a short action small tenon AX or AT. Color is not important, if given the choice pale brown or green would be ideal on the AX. Would prefer one with SFP and barloc but not a must have. Lmk, have cash ready for the right deal. Would very much like to find a pre-14 AX. Just...
  14. T

    Accessories (Closed) WTB: Green Accuracy International AE MKII (Classic/Legacy) 2.0 Stocksides/ Skin Set

    Offering $300.00 for the stockside set. Title explains it all, looking to buy a green legacy 2.0 folder skin that is compatible with my AE MKIII I just bought. If you're looking to get the updated skin I'm more than happy to exchange the legacy skin for the one I have currently, I'll match the...
  15. TangoSierra916

    Accessories WTS: Accuracy International Factory 338 brake $120

    1 x New Accuracy International 338 factory brake M18x1.5 threads - $120 2 x 1/2x28 Dead Air Keymount Micro brakes - sold $200 for everything above includes whats pictured, prices above are shipped in USA only, payment via paypal/venmo/zelle.
  16. Curahee19

    Axsr trigger

    Hey guys just got my accuracy international AXSR and I’m having a really hard time finding out how to tune this trigger. Can you guys help me out on adjusting the pull weight and everything. Also heard you can make it single stage
  17. T

    Firearms (CLOSED) WTB/WTT for an Accuracy International AE MKII or AW W/ Legacy 2.0 Folding Stock

    Edit: I’ve decided to change my search from AWSM/AWM to the standard AW and AE models Looking to buy an old classic, don't really care about the condition as long as its operational (I want a shooter, not a trophy gun) Preferences: Green Stock Factory Muzzle Brake Price is negotiable, but...
  18. SOCAL

    SOLD SOLD - Two AIAX barrels - Gradous .243 Win and Bartlein 6.5MM SLR

    Both barrels sold!!!! Two post-2014 Accuracy International AIAX compatible barrels up for grabs. #1. 26" Bartlein 8 Twist chambered in .243 Win and finished by the late Robert Gradous (RIP) - Threaded 5/8"x24 at the muzzle. Round count is at 563. Still plenty of life left, this barrel shoots...
  19. M

    Competition trigger for Accuracy International AXSR

    Hi all, I am planning to order an Accuracy International AXSR in .338LM. The question I have is, will the current offered AXMC competition trigger fit into the new AXSR rifle? Does anyone have practical experiences...
  20. jmar

    Firearms WTB Accuracy International

    I had a few AWs and miss them dearly. Need a hunting rig for the season and want a AI. So looking for an AI for around 2-3k. Can go slightly higher if its something nice like an AW. Realistically looking for an AE Mk2 or Mk3. I'm open to an AT too or even a R700 in an AI chassis for the right...