1. B

    Suppressors AAC 51T Adapters

    Getting a AAC 762-SDN-6, which mounts onto a 51T. Looking for Pros & Cons to: - AAC Blackout Muzzle Brake - AAC Brakeout - AAC Blackout Flash Hider Thanks
  2. H

    Suppressors AR-15 Thread adapters (For suppressor)

    Sorry, I know I have seen these on the sight before, but I cannot find them by searching here or on Google. Any way I have seen some simple thread adapters that thread onto the end of an AR-15 barrel 1/2 X 28 and increase it to 5/8 X 24. I am trying to find some of these. Thanks for your help...
  3. M.P.

    Gunsmithing Threaded adapters 1/2X36 to 1/2X28...

    if I remember correctly, there is a member here who sells adapters. I'm looking for a ID threads of 1/2X36 and OD threads of 1/2X28 so I can use my Trident on my 9mm upper. Let me know if you happen to know the member handle name. Thanks