1. jakeb

    Integrated Cheek Piece or Add Saddle Later?

    Hey All, I'm buying a new stock for my rifle and wanted some help... What are the pros/cons of an integrated adjustable cheek piece vs. a kydex saddle? Should I just go integrated? Or wait and see if I need it and then add a Kydex saddle (Karsten) later? Or do I scratch both and just stack...
  2. Twisted

    Gunsmithing Best way to add a swivel stud for bipod???

    I have a Ruger 77/22 all weather with the synthetic stock that I'd like to put a bipod on. It has no swivel stud and just not sure the best way to add one. Or if there is a better method of getting my extra bipod on there.
  3. ker2222

    Gunsmithing lkng for old post: Add weight + pad to HS Stock

    My googlefu and search skills must grow weak. There was a long post one time of a member who did a tutorial with lots of pics on how to cut off the old recoil pad, add weight and install a new recoil pad on an H&S precision stock... anyone have any idea of who it was or something I could...
  4. D

    Gunsmithing Add a Win style 3pos safety to Rem?

    I saw a rifle that sold on here that had one, and it really intreagued me. Could some of you that have this weigh in on what you think and why you did it. If you could also give some insight to how fitting the safety and trigger is different than a Rem style, that would be great too. Thanks, Duke.
  5. RollingThunder51

    Photos Couldnt add to the other post

    Here are the photos that you wanted. Topic found here: ..
  6. D

    Rifle Scopes Price to add zero stop to NXS purchase?

    Anybody know what the additional charge is?
  7. G

    Maggie’s Can you add to this?

    For this to work right you must start where the last guy left off,...then stop at a point for the next guy to put the next twist into the story. Here we go,...... ================================================= While preforming my roving guard duty's at Elgin A.F.B. in Florida one rainy cold...