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Gunsmithing Add a Win style 3pos safety to Rem?


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Oct 6, 2005
Richmond, VA
I saw a rifle that sold on here that had one, and it really intreagued me. Could some of you that have this weigh in on what you think and why you did it. If you could also give some insight to how fitting the safety and trigger is different than a Rem style, that would be great too. Thanks, Duke.
Re: Add a Win style 3pos safety to Rem?

PT&G sells a kit too do them, but I don't see any real advantage to having one. There is nothing wrong with the factory Rem safety
Re: Add a Win style 3pos safety to Rem?

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: dukedurham</div><div class="ubbcode-body">what didn't you like about it? </div></div>

the cocking piece needed a notch cut into it and it had to be perfectly fitted, the safety cam that locks the cocking piece had to be modified (so it would cam the cocking piece off the sear when the safety is engaged) and you need to drill a hole in the rear of the bolt for the bolt lock in exactly the right spot.

and in the end, i went back to the Remington stuff.

if you want the Gentry one, it's yours just PM me your address. i don't have the instructions, and you will probably have to get a new cocking piece to fit to your rifle, but the bolt three position safety is all here.
Re: Add a Win style 3pos safety to Rem?

I used a Ed lapour 3 pos safety on mine, i didnt put it on myself but as part of my build, the smith that did my build said it was very well made and a peice of piss to install. Ive had nil dramas with it.

I had heard some negative reports about the gentry model when i was researching mine, cant remember exactly what, but it swayed me to the Lapour.


Re: Add a Win style 3pos safety to Rem?

I have done a bunch of the three postion ones; Remingtons, Mausers, Sakos and Winchesters; even did one on a CZ550. I would steer clear of the Gentries. No need to go there. The LaPours are well made and if you do the install with a Milling machine, no problem and they go together great. I recently did a PTG to a Stiller action and would say the install was no problem and it was very well made. I get $110 labor for the install.

The thing of it is, the safety locks the firing pin, not the trigger like the Remington safety, much more positive.
Re: Add a Win style 3pos safety to Rem?

pupi- wasn't looking to get a freebie, just wanted some info about what those that did it thought. Thanks anyway though, real standup of ya. Maybe i'll just stick to the std style after all.
Re: Add a Win style 3pos safety to Rem?

understood. i just offered because i have one i don't need anymore. i know you were not asking for one.
Re: Add a Win style 3pos safety to Rem?

See, that's what i'm talkin' about. Here's a person whom i've never met, that has something that would surely be of some value to someone that he paid for with i'm sure hard earned money, yet he offers it up for nothing but the effort taken to send an email addy. Very rare this day and age. Good on ya pup!
NAG- thanks, but... maybe it's just one more thing that's kinda frilly and adds not too much to the whole cake mix, ya know? But again, thanks for that, that's a nice sincere gesture. Duke