1. Fisher85

    Firearms FS: Remington 700 SS 308 with TriggerTech (FL)

    Bought this Stainless steel Remington 700 a few months back. I'm the original owner. It is chambered in 308 and is an ADL model so it has the bling magazine. I removed the original x-mark pro trigger and installed a TriggerTech Primary. Only one trip to the range to sight in the rifle and target...
  2. P

    Gunsmithing Front ADL TG Screw?

    What purpose does the front ADL trigger guard screw serve (i.e., the BDL only has 2 action screws)? Is it's purpose only to hold the mag box in place and to more firmly secure the trigger guard? Is there any inherent loss in accuracy if the front screw is not used? The reason that I ask is...
  3. tireys

    Gunsmithing ??? about action screws ADL model rifle

    I won an auction on GunBroker for a set of (3) screws for a Remington Model 700 ADL. I sent payment and received only 2 screws. Only thing is I can't for certain verify that they even go to my gun because I haven't acquired the action yet. With that said an ADL model is just that right? I was...
  4. dontstrokeme

    ADL Triggerguard

    I am wondering what the difference between ADL and BDL is? AHAHAHAHAHA No seriously I am trying to find a bigger tirgger guard for my ADL....I don't need a mag system and don't even need the hinged floorplate...but I want the bigger TG...
  5. mdesign

    Gunsmithing Pillar Bed Kit for Remington ADL

    My boy picked up an older Remington 700 ADL and he wants to try his hand at pillar bedding for a winter project. I usually make my own pillars when I am working with bottom metal but have never done an ADL where I don't have BM to hide the pillars. Does anyone make a good kit for the an ADL...
  6. B

    Gunsmithing ADL to BDL swap

    I bought a nice sendero stock and BDL bottom metal to put on an ADL. It seems like the mag box is too long. how is the best way to fix that?