1. kyle

    Rifle Scopes Alaskan Cruise- Spotter or Binoculars

    Getting ready to head north for an Alaska cruise. I'm thinking of quickly ordering something like a Kowa spotting scope to take along to help see stuff from our balcony. The spotting scope is something I could really use for my target shooting. Alternatively, I could order a set of binos. Less...
  2. I

    Hunting & Fishing Alaskan Malamute for tracking dog?

    anybody here using an alaskan malamute/siberian husky for tracking? Mines just come of age to start her off on blood scents Im just wondering has anyone here had any experiences of using them to hunt, they seem to be popular to track deer in scandanavia, my only worry is they can be disobedient...
  3. A

    An Alaskan Needs Powder!

    To my fellow Alaskans on this board, I know there are several from Alaska on this board, because I've seen some fellow Alaskan profiles. Please help if you can in regards to sources, suppliers, and shipping terms, or any ideas, for acquiring some reloading powder to our great state. I have none...
  4. P

    Rifle Scopes Lyman Alaskan

    I'm considering selling an old (obviously) Lyman Alaskan -- pretty good shape, crosshair, leather lens covers, rings included. My question is: what website(s) would provide interested buyers -- other than Flea-Bay?