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anschutz 64 mpr

  1. delfuego


  2. P

    Anschutz 64 MPR model variations?

    I need some help from all of you Annie experts. I am looking to add an MP R to my safe and I had my LGS look into pricing. He said his suppliers only offer this: ANSCHUTZ M64 22LR MULTI-PURPOSE W/RAIL It looks very close to the MPR but I noticed that the stock does not have a checkered...
  3. B

    Anschutz MPR inbound.

    One of my earliest memorable shooting experiences was shooting an ancient Anschutz target rifle at about scout camp. At 30' it would put ten rounds into a dime sized hole. Coming from a basic 10/22 at home this was a phenomenally different experience! I've wanted an Anschutz ever since, but...