1. TangoSierra916

    Accessories WTS: New LMT Parts (barrels, uppers, triggers, grips)

    Switching around some configurations so For sale are the following new LMT parts (top to bottom): - New takeoff LMT AXLE 2 stage trigger and LMT grip (no screw included) - $115 each pair (3 pairs available) - New takeoff LMT MLOK upper for the 5.56 MRP version - $700 each (1 sold) - New LMT...
  2. W

    Firearms Larue Tactical

    Larue Tactical PredatOBR 5.56 20" barrel. Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56, CMC 2.5lb drop in, Timber Creek Heartbreaker muzzle brake, Magpul MOE stock and Harris bipod. Extremely nice rifle as expected from Larue Tactical. Great coyote setup. Really solid and it’s a tack driver. The Strike Eagle is...
  3. C

    6.5 lb AR10 Build recipes.

    I'm looking for your recipes and links to products to build a 6-6.5 pound naked AR10. I'm not sure if I want Creedmoor or 308. As I have lots of practice 308 ammo but no 6.5. So far I like the Proof Research Carbon Fiber and thinking of going with 18-20" My Dealer is trying to find out about...
  4. Jdowney37

    Firearms Custom AR10/.308

    Selling my recently built AR10. It's basically brand new, I've shot 20 rounds through it, just enough to zero the scope. I built this early this year in anticipation of my brother and I doing some team sniper competitions this year, but he recently had a kid and shooting is nonexistent for him...
  5. C

    Accessories Want to trade: My lmt mws 24" 6.5 creedmore for a 20" 6.5

    Hello, I am looking to trade my (like new) lmt mws 24" 6.5 creedmore barrel for the 20" version of the same barrel (in the same condition). Since lmt does not make the 24 anymore a 20 count box of some Hornady 6.5s in addition would be a nice cherry on top. Thanks!
  6. C

    Cutting LMT 6.5 CM 24" to 20"

    I have a 24" 6.5 cm barrel for my mws in 308 but it is a bit too long for me and I can definitely feel the weight when I am carrying it. Would cutting the barrel down to 20" be as straight forward as going to ADCO or is there other gas port work that would need to be done? (It is not piston)...
  7. KhaymKhaym


    Hey Guys, I have an AR-10 for sale! This guy is built on a Diamond Back upper and lower, looks amazing! It has a Timney Calvin Elite trigger with a flat blade trigger shoe and the curved trigger shoe. Super easy to interchange and the trigger can be tuned in numerous ways to match your...
  8. T

    Rifle Scopes AR10 Scope Help

    Hey everyone. I have spent at least 30 - 40 hours over the past month deciding which scope to get for my 18" AR10 and I had spent half of that time here on Snipershide. This rifle is suppose to be an "all-purpose" rifle. So basically, it should be able to do everything, (but nothing...
  9. charliesavage

    Firearms Custom Falkor Defence AR10

    Selling My Frankin Falkor Defense AR10. Chambered in 308 with, and it has had 300 rounds through it. Parts are as follows: Falkor Defense Upper & Lower Proof Barrel 2A Armament Titanium Gas Block (Cerakote) SLR Rail Fail Zero BCG Geissele Trigger Magpul Furniture SilencerCo Flash Hider Radian...
  10. abn_surfer

    Accessories AR-10 Parts

    I have for sale AR 10 matching upper and lower with 16.5 handguard - $350 OBO If you are interested let me know. Thanks for looking
  11. Hunters Mark

    Sig 716i proprietary problems

    So I'm trying to upgrade some parts on the Sig 716i that I just bought and nothing seems to work with it. I bought a raptor radian charging handle and the hole lines up for they gas key, but the lip is too short and pulls back on the bolt cam pin instead of the groove in the bcg, so the bolt...
  12. Chasingpro

    Aero AR10 308 ammo

    I recently picked up an Aero precision M5 in .308. I am trying to figure out what shoots the best out of everyone else’s guns. I would typically just buy a bunch of different stuff, but with ammo prices I’d rather narrow it down to a few choices to pick from. Looking for accuracy up to about 500...
  13. StealthOwl

    Accessories Sold: BNIB Aero Precision M5 .308 BCG, Nitride

    BNIB, Sold!
  14. jessie02

    SOLD SOLD - GA Precision GAP-10 .308 gen 1

    Sold to Fast Freddy. The rifle is gone. Thanks, everyone. Asking for $2,900 shipped to you but I'm eager to sell this. 20-inch barrel, Gen 1 Hogan, Magpul PRS gen 1, Geissele trigger, Noveske switch block, Surefire SOCOM break/suppressor device. Everything is OD green except for the Surefire...
  15. Mike173

    Firearms LMT MWS 6.5CM MLOK

    LMT MWS MLOK 20” 1/8 6.5CM barrel Geissele SSA-E trigger BCM grip Magpul PRS stock.(have the original box) 1X Magpul 20 round P mag MLOK bipod adapter Harris BRMS bipod $3000 $2800 OR BEST OFFER. Needs to go soon. No trades at this time
  16. Dvando20

    Rifle Scopes KAC M110 Mount. Real or Fake?

    PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST! Need thoughts! I purchased a brand new Knights Armament M110 one piece 30mm scope mount for my AR10. I bought it from Kosher Surplus. It came brand new in the Knights box. Today I was finally mounting up my scope, and using the KAC directions to a T, the first screw head...
  17. T

    Firearms 22" 6.5CM M5E1

    For sale no trades. Parts List Below. Approximately 95 rounds of Hornady 140 ELDM ammo through it. Off prone or bench punching consistent .4-.5" groups. Comment or DM for pics or more information. Aero Precision M5 .308 Assembled Upper Aero Precision M5 .308 Stripped Lower Aero Precision...

    SOLD Daniel Defense .308 AR10

    Selling my DD5V1 to fund another build that will be done soon. Rifle shoots .75” with 168 federal SMK. Rifle has around 450 rounds through it. Overall in very good condition, small nick on the CH and light wear on the pic rail from mounts but otherwise in excellent shape. The rifle cycles any...
  19. B

    AR10 Optic Advice: Sig Tango6 or Tract Toric

    I just finished a new AR build in .308 and the last thing I need to purchase is an optic. My price range is $1000 (plus/minus $200) and the rifle will be used mostly at a range of 100-1000 yards. I’ve been considering a Sig Tango6 3-18x44 or a Tract Toric 4-20x50. Both are ffp scopes with...
  20. D

    FGMM 175’s too long?

    I recently picked up a .308 DMR from APF which I am very excited about. It’s a 1:10 twist and I e heard nothing but good things about FGMM 175 SMK’s as far as factory ammo goes, so I picked up a few boxes. At the range today I had a few failure to fire. I inspected the rounds that didn’t fire...