1. TangoSierra916

    Firearms WTS: New LWRC FDE rifle

    For sale is the ar 15 listed below, features the LWRC spiral fluted 16" 5.56 barrel and enhanced BCG as well as full ambi lower and charging handle. New FDE full ambi M6IC-A5 "shovelnose" rifle short piston with 1/2x28 threading - 0 rds fired. Includes what’s pictured plus a 30 rd mag where...
  2. W

    Firearms Larue Tactical Build

    Larue Tactical built on a Larue Stealth 2.0 Ultimate Upper 5.56 20" barrel. Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56, CMC 2.5lb drop in trigger, Timber Creek Heartbreaker muzzle brake, Magpul MOE stock and Harris bipod. Will make someone a great predator setup. $1900 Located in mid Missouri. Buyer pays shipping.
  3. A

    Firearms Upgraded DDM4V11 Milspec +

    Daniel Defense M4V11 Milspec+ with the following upgrades: 1. Vltor stock 2. DD Charging Handel w/race bar 3. Rearden Muzzle Break (never fired) 4. Rattlecanned (can strip or paint to buyers preference) 5. BCM KMR Alpha rail 6. HSP Thorntail WML mount 7. DD Front sight post w/BC glowing front...
  4. Near miss

    Wylde chambering

    I am planning to get a head start on my barrel change for the MR223. Since original HK barrels are under a very heavy rock, I will buy a match barrel for it locally. Probably a Lothar with 16" barrel, 1/7". While I like to shoot for precision aside regular shooting, it comes after...
  5. W

    Firearms Larue Tactical

    Larue Tactical PredatOBR 5.56 20" barrel. Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56, CMC 2.5lb drop in, Timber Creek Heartbreaker muzzle brake, Magpul MOE stock and Harris bipod. Extremely nice rifle as expected from Larue Tactical. Great coyote setup. Really solid and it’s a tack driver. The Strike Eagle is...
  6. M

    Firearms ADM UIC / Geissele / JP Triggertech Diamond PRS Lower, Proof 6 ARC 18” and CLE Bartlein .223 18” Uppers, Leupold MK5/MK8

    ADM UIC Ambi Lower Receiver Triggertech Diamond Flat Face Geissele Super 42 Buffer w/H1 ADM Mass Magpul PRS Lite Stock Radian Ambi Selector MDT Premier AR Grip Parts MSRP: ~$1200, selling for $1000 6 Arc Upper: <.75 moa with factory 108’s Proof Research 18” 1:7.5 Stainless Steel Barrel (335...
  7. rubiconscott

    Firearms NEW Colt CR6920 16” carbine

    For Sale SOLD Brand new unfired ( outside the factory) Colt CR6920 Keyhole Cero Forged upper 7075 receivers 16” government profile barrel. 5.56 NATO 1/7 twist Magpul mlock hand guard Magpul BUIS Magpul foregrip BCM gunfighter charging handle “C” marked white dot BCG I will include a Gearsquatch...
  8. R

    Accessories Lantac Enhanced BCG FA Style .223/5.56 Black Nitride

    Lantac E-BCG .223/5.56 Black Nitride finish. This bolt was installed in a build that was never fired and parted out. $180 shipped PP F&F or Zelle.
  9. R

    General Purpose Rifle - Barrel Contour (Standard vs Lightweight)

    After looking around, I haven't seen any real accuracy tests that consist of a 10 round group, 60-90 rounds shot quickly, followed by another 10 round group. Would be worth it if someone could do this and track accuracy every 100 rounds up to 500 rounds for a couple different barrel profiles...
  10. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD Primary Arms 1-6x ACSS II

    Good condition, has some rings marks and wear on the side turret. Comes with battery. Gen 2 ACSS. $165 $155 shipped conus or trade for pistol red dot.
  11. WhatWhat.223

    SOLD LNIB JP patrol rifle for sale .223 wylde 16 in

    LNIB JP enterprise .223 Wylde patrol rifle for sale. This one has about 50rounds on it. JP super match barrel and crisp trigger. Also has an adjustable trigger. MSRP is about $1500 but will ship FFL to FFL for $1100. Comes with everything from the factory hat and all. Please feel free to ask...
  12. 6gunner

    SOLD XLR AR Adjustable butt stock

    I have a used XLR Industries AR butt stock. It’s in great shape. For any questions email me at sixgunner(AT) $150 shipped
  13. T

    SOLD WTB: Para-Ordnance TTR Upper Kit or Rifle $1,350.00 - $1,700.00 OBO

    I'd like to buy a Para-Ordnance TTR upper assembly & stock preferably but I am willing to purchase a full rifle. I have no preferences of the condition for the finish and not concerned about blemishes either. I only want the kit or rifle to be fully functioning and operational; not picky about...
  14. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD ADM Recon X 30mm mount *Price Drop*

    No longer have an AR so this is up for sale. Very good used condition. $145 $135 shipped conus. PayPal f&f (or you pay fees) or Venmo accepted.
  15. V

    AR15 Operation Animation/Explanation

    A CAD animator put this together. It is an excellent video covering the AR15 and its functions. It even covers how the auto sear and 3-round burst work. It's well worth a watch.
  16. A

    SOLD AR Mags / 6mmARC, 6.5G, 6.8

    Have 3 PRI 6.8 SPC 15 round magazines, 1 new Amend 2 ten round magazine, and 1 Amend 2 ten round magazine FDE camo painted. $60 shipped for all of them. Prefer certified check or MO. Can do PP if buyer is discrete. Questions please advise.
  17. T

    SOLD The Unicorn Item, a ZM LR300 Upper ML-N or SL-N model W/ original ZM Grip & Telescopic Stock

    ——Found and Purchased—- Looking to buy a rare piece of AR history, an original ZM LR-300 upper kit. Specifically looking for either the 11.5" or 16" upper with a nylatron handguard. I'm also searching for either the ZM, YHM, or Para Ordnance LR300 specific telescopic buttstock and ZM pistol...
  18. Near miss

    The best bullet for AR

    Hello, Can we discuss about what is absolutely the best bullet for AR use? Because this is -slightly- subjective, by best I mean a bullet that: -is seatable to a mag length (2.250 to 2.260) -carries much energy on target -deflects wind well -does not drop much. -more points if it has good...
  19. jinbody89

    Looking for: Magpul UBR Gen 1

    My rifle was stolen out of my car during a 3 gun competition last week. It had a Gen 1 UBR on it and I loved that thing. I can’t find one anywhere. Please let me know if you’re willing to part with one. Looking for one in black.
  20. Nicholi2789

    Accessories Larue MBT AR trigger - NEW

    Hey guys, Have a brand new Larue MBT 2s trigger for sale. Never been installed in a gun, brand new. Have one of these in two of my AR builds. Best non-cassette trigger out if you ask me. Asking 75$ obo shipped. Thanks!