1. JoeMartin

    How Are You Handling .22LR Availability

    About a month ago I decided to stop checking for the availability of .22LR just about every night on the computer after work. My reasons were that I felt I have enough right now for my shooting purposes, and I found myself thinking more and more of how disgusting this whole ammo shortage is. I...
  2. F

    Varget-Product availability notice

    Heads up! I just got a notice from Natchez Shooters Supply, 8# Varget in stock. The site shows them available right now. I just got 16#s from Powder Valley, so go get it guys!
  3. riley5001

    Availability of guns

    Anybody heard from any sources (big retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, etc.) when we might start seeing more availability of guns and such. This bites not being able to find guns and reloading supplies. If you do find something, supply, demands a H*$$ of a lot of more money now.
  4. S

    LMT MRP Upper availability

    Been looking for one, and wait time keeps growing, any Hide dealers have one around? CQB preferrably, 16-18" barrel, but definately open to others. Thanks in advance!!
  5. ChrisGarrett

    Request: when posting component availability...

    maybe the original poster can edit his title when the stuff inevitably sells out, much like putting SOLD in the subject header when you sell something. Might save a lot of us from needless post reading and web searching. Only if you happen to happen by. Both the Natchez 8# Varget and Wolf...
  6. B

    Varget availability ???

    I ordered 2 8# jugs at Powder Valley on April 29th. They showed "out of stock." I asked to put me on back order. I received my 2 8# Jugs of Varget today. I received this order in 3 weeks. Next time try back order like I did. 3 weeks is not to long to wait.
  7. ranger1183

    Primer Availability

    http://blog.sinclairintl.com/2009/05/12/primer-availability-2/ Primer Availability We have had a lot of concerned customers calling to ask about primer availability. Actually, our lines have been flooded with calls regarding the availability of primers as well as the availability of other...
  8. S

    Forster Co-ax availability

    I love Black Hills but I can't afford to shoot factory ammo anymore. I'm getting back into reloading and I'm trying to locate a Forster Co-ax press. With this "Obama-inspired-buying-everything-gun-related-craze" everyone seems to be sold out. Anyone have a line on one?
  9. paraman1

    Winchester 748 Gunpowder Availability ?

    Anyone seen any Win 748 ? It looks to be about as available as Varget and Small Rifle Primers .
  10. W

    Lapua .308 Brass Availability Question

    I did do the usual search on this subject but I did not really find an answer to my question. How often do the regular vendors receive shipments of .308 Lapua brass? As with everything else it appears to be out of stock everywhere, and I am sure there are backorders that will be filled with...