badger ordnance

  1. Savage Gentleman

    WTB Badger Ordnance Dead Level

    Hey guys, Looking to purchase a Badger Ordnance Dead Level; I cannot find one in stock anywhere. The Multicam version is preferable, but I will take what I can get. Thanks in advance for your time and help. Kyle
  2. L

    SOLD Vortex Gen 3 1-10x24 MRAD w/Badger Ordnance Condition One 34mm 1.7in mount

    I have a Vortex Gen 3 1-10 EBR-9 MRAD for sale it has seen good use and shows wear. It is functionally fine and the glass is still clear. Would like to sell this as a package or will sell separate if I can get a buyer for the scope first. SOLD! Shipping will be negotiable based on destination...
  3. H

    Arisaka leveling tool work with ATACR and 1.54 mount?

    I'm about to get a ATACR 1-8 and a 1.54 mount from either Reptilia or Badger. Will there be enough room bewteen the mount and scope for a small leveler like the arisaka to fit? I know there is enough room on badgers 1.7 mounts but not sure about the 1.54...
  4. S

    Optics (SOLD) WTS Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6 on Badger Ordnance COMM 1.70"

    Practically a safe queen optic, just a few bench shooting range trips! Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 1-6x24 VMR-2 (SFP) MRAD. Badger Ordnance COMM 1.70" Mount. MK Machining Scope Caps, ARD, and Throw Lever. Also still have the tube extension and Vortex scope caps. Would like to sell as a unit...
  5. S

    SOLD Vortex Razor Gen III 1-10x24 MRAD with 1.70" Badger Ordnance Condition One mount - $1950 Shipped

    Vortex Razor Gen III 1-10 w/ 1.70" Badger Ordnance Condition One mount - $1950 Shipped Outstanding optic and I am sad to see it go, but the home buying gods demand sacrifice. Optic is in very good condition with light scuffs and marring around the illumination dial from removing the battery...
  6. Dvando20

    R700 Stocks that fit Badger Max recoil lug?

    I have a Rem700 short action with tactical contour barrel and Badger maximized .312" recoil lug. I was looking into an HS Precision stock but read that it will not fit this size lug without grinding or milling. Outside of a custom made stock, what options are out there in the realm of HTG/M40A1...
  7. I

    Firearms Badger M2008 6.5 SAUM Rifle

    Badger Ordnance M2008 Action KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis Timney Calvin Elite Trigger Bartlein Barrel 6.5 SAUM Mack Bros Muzzle Break Complete Rifle. Ready to shoot $2000 for rifle Also have approximately 200 pcs of new 6.5 SAUM Hornady brass and 6.5 SAUM Hornady Dies for sale.
  8. T

    SOLD WTS: Badger Ordnance Metal Bottoms, Scope Bases, Scope Rings, and more

    Selling a few items I no longer need. (SOLD) Badger Ordnance M5 DBM Detachable Magazine Triggerguard LA Win Mag, Item # 306-83 - New, Open Box Asking: $265.00 + shipping (SOLD) Badger Ordnance M4 Triggerguard SA, Item # 306-02 - Used Asking: $150.00 (SOLD) Badger Ordnance Remington SA Scope...
  9. I

    Accessories KRG Whiskey 3 Badger M2008 M2013

    KRG Whiskey 3 chassis for Badger Ordnance M2008 or M2013 for sale $850. Thank you
  10. JR92FS

    SOLD SAC shorty 308

    This is hard to part with but it’s time. An AI AT replaced this as my go to 308 a few years ago. Short Action Customs -rem action, firing pin 40x trigger @2lbs - badger bottom metal, scope base(20moa), EFR and bipod mount - PTG one piece bolt -APA bolt knob -Bartlien 18” M24 1-11.25” (Requires...
  11. Curahee19

    SOLD WTS Leupold mk4 spotter

    Selling my mk4 spotter tmr reticle the spotting scope is in excellent shape. I have the badger ordnance slick with the protective cap and the cover also comes with the badger ordnance snap to mount a pvs 14 2500 shipped insured to your door
  12. T

    Accessories Badger Ordnance Condition One Mount. 34mm 1.93" FDE

    For sale. NIB. $250 shipped.
  13. ilikebmxbikes

    Accessories Badger Ord IMUNS 20 MOA- MK13 MOD 5 - $220 shipped NEW

    I am selling a few new in package MK13 MOD 5 Contract IMUNS 20 Moa Rails. These have the military finish on the top caps and are 'M' Marked. They are in new package and include all hardware and instructions. While intended for Stiller Mk13 mod 5's, these work on any Accuracy International...
  14. T

    SOLD WTS: Badger Ordnance EFR (306-59) Price Reduced

    Selling a brand new Badger Ordnance EFR Forward Mount Asking ($185.00) $160.00 I can take Venmo or PayPal
  15. Dvando20

    Rifle Scopes Badger Max-50 issues

    I just put a Badger Ordnance 20moa base on my Rem700. Went to install a pair of the Badger MAX-50 rings, and granted they are a serialized pair, one seems to NOT apply full clamping force onto the picatinny rail. The clamping (moving) part of the ring seems to not seat into the groove on the...
  16. whitebread

    Accessories FS Scope Mounts: Spuhr SP-4601, Badger Oradnance Unimounts 306-67 & 306-96

    I am selling some extra mounts I have sitting around. Prices are shipped CONUS, PayPal or Venmo are preferred. Spuhr SP4601, $295 shipped **SOLD TO MMLOOK*** 34mm Picatinny Mount, 6MIL/20.6MOA cant, 30mm/1.181" height. This mount is used, includes the original box, instructions, and...
  17. J

    Bottom Metal for M5 Inletting. Badger or Hawkins or... Surgeon?

    I have a 6.5 PRC build in play and my new Manners PRS1 was just delivered. The action is a Terminus Zeus with a Proof Carbon 24" and I was planning to purchase a Surgeon BM, but I am kicking myself because I did not double check the order that my builder placed and the stock is inletted for an...
  18. Curahee19

    Firearms WTS Accuracy International/Badger Ordnance

    Got a badger ordnance m2013 action sitting on a accuracy international folding 2.0 AT chassis that has been professionally milled by Jeff from river bends. Comes with 2 skins for the chassis the one in the picture and a of green one. With a timney calvin elite 2 stage trigger, atlas bipod with...
  19. Curahee19

    Accessories Wts Accuracy international/badger ordnance rifle

    Got a badger ordnance m2013 action sitting on a accuracy international folding 2.0 AT chassis that has been professionally milled by Jeff from river bends. Comes with 2 skins for the chassis the one in the picture and a of green one. With a timney calvin elite 2 stage trigger, atlas bipod with...
  20. bhoges

    My 308 4th paint job lets see how long I keep it!

    I bought this stock used on the Hide years ago. It looked like Ray Charles himself painted it. Im pretty gun with a spray gun since I used to paint cars. My problem is I get bored of the paint too fast. When Cerakote came out with Vortex Bronze I bought a can asap. After doing the metal I was...