1. S

    SOLD Badger Mount 34mm Unimount, 1.5, PSR 306-95

    Excellent Condition Badger Ordnance 1 Piece Unimount, 34 mm, PSR mount, 1.50in High / 5 in Long, 0 Cant, Aluminum, $130 shipped Model#306-95
  2. rubiconscott

    Optics WTS Leupold MK8 CQBSS H27 W/Badger COMM, jarm with T1+

    Scope is SOLD Badger Mount is SOLD Leupold mk8 cqbss 1.1-8 175gr 7.62 dial H27 reticle Badger COMM 1.92” Tan (brand new) (Brand new j arm mount and bade plate used T1) Leupold 20 moa mount (used) Tenaebrex flip ups/adapter. Tan (brand new) (AIMPOINT NOT included) $3,550 for everything $3,000...
  3. Dvando20

    R700 Stocks that fit Badger Max recoil lug?

    I have a Rem700 short action with tactical contour barrel and Badger maximized .312" recoil lug. I was looking into an HS Precision stock but read that it will not fit this size lug without grinding or milling. Outside of a custom made stock, what options are out there in the realm of HTG/M40A1...
  4. OGER

    Optics US Optics LR-17

    Selling my US Optics LR-17 with an MPR reticle. I bought this here on the Hide roughly 2 years ago and am only selling cuz I recently bought a Kahles K318i from another member here. This scope is honestly amazing and I was really trying to find a way to hang on to it but unfortunately the funds...
  5. W

    Firearms Badger M2008 6.5 SAUM Rifle

    Badger Ordnance M2008 Action KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis Timney Calvin Elite Trigger Bartlein Barrel 6.5 SAUM Mack Bros Muzzle Break Complete Rifle. Ready to shoot $2000 for rifle Also have approximately 200 pcs of new 6.5 SAUM Hornady brass and 6.5 SAUM Hornady Dies for sale.
  6. W

    Accessories KRG Whiskey 3 Badger M2008 M2013

    KRG Whiskey 3 chassis for Badger Ordnance M2008 or M2013 for sale $850. Thank you

    SOLD WTS NF Nx8 4-32x50 $1,675

    Used nx8 mil C reticle in great shape. I have the box still. Accept PP FF, Venmo, zelle. I’ll give pricing with and without badger rings. Scope with badger rings $1850 shipped Scope only is $1675 shipped
  8. M

    SOLD Badger Ordinance COMM 1.70" 30 mm, tan scope mount

    For Sale: Badger Ordinance COMM scope mount, 30mm ring, 1.70" scope height, tan color. I have mounted a scope in the mount, but the mount is in perfect condition. $285.00 shipped.
  9. StealthOwl

    Optics Sold: 30mm Nightforce R700 Direct Mount

    4. NF A106 Direct Mount 30mm/1.125"/20 MOA/Rem 700 SA, excellent condition without action screws, SOLD Can take PayPal F&F, Zelle or regular PayPal plus the fee. Thanks!
  10. jbell74

    SOLD Nightforce Ultralite Medium Height 34mm Rings - Desert Sand Cerakoted

    Rings are in great shape. Medium height (1.00"). Minimal finish wear as seen in pics. $150 shipped conus.
  11. B

    Firearms Rem 700 .260/.308 for sale

    I have a Remington 700, Mcree G10 folding chassis, timney trigger, custom bolt handle, badger base, 22" medium palma 1:8 .260 Remington Krieger, and 22" 1:10 .308 with a rem/age style barrel nut. .308 barrel came from Mcree and shoots sub 6" at 1000 with 185 berger hybrids. .260 barrels shoots...
  12. Rexwagon

    SOLD Badger Ordnance 34mm Max-50 rings- sold

    SOLD Badger Ordnance Max-50 rings 34mm 1-inch height 6 screws per top half All the top have screws are Brand new. I damaged one using the wrong size torx this year. Replaced them all for the buyer. The 1 inch height works well with 56mm objective scopes. I have ran these on a gun with a proof...
  13. 30mm

    Optics Badger 30mm Unimount - SOLD

    1. Athlon ARGOS 6-30x50, AHMR1 SFP MOA Reticle #214021 SOLD Like new, includes box with factory contents and covers. $275 SOLD Shipped, PayPal Gift. 2. Badger Ordnance 30mm Unimount - NEW SOLD Part # 306-417 Height 1.685" Zero Cant Length 5.8" SOLD $150 Shipped, PayPal Gift.
  14. IdahoHunter208

    SOLD SOLD*Spuhr 4302 * SOLD

    Selling my lightly used Spuhr SP4302 34mm scope mount (3mil/10.3 moa, 1.5” high). Only used in 3 PRS matches. Perfect clearance for 56mm objective scopes. Was used on a 20moa rail with Kahles 624i. Comes with original box, extra screws, and leveling wedge. Minor cosmetic scratch on base that is...
  15. ohiocop_aht

    Optics Nightforce 5.5-22x56 C237

    Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 MLR mil/mil illuminated with flip caps and Badger rings. Excellent condition. $1650
  16. L

    Accessories Manners MCS-TF2A - SOLD

    Manners MCS-TF2A Kimber 8400 Short Action inlet - Adv. Tactical 1, 2, SOC, SRC - badger ERF (NV rail) -Flush cups (left and rear) -Mini Chassis (AI patter mags) -Folding stock -Adj. Cheek riser - molded forest camo I have had this brand new stock for years and never did anything with it. Time...
  17. K

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt & Bender 3-20 and GAP-10 mounting options?

    So I decided to upgrade to a Schmidt 3-20 on my GAP-10. I thought I would be fine with the Badger unimount that came with the rifle (1.27" Height), but unfortunately the bottom of the elevation turret just barely touches the center of the mount. It's strange because supposodly the 5-25 will fit...
  18. lowlight

    Gunsmithing Badger Ordnance has a New FTE Brake

    Saw this on Facebook today... A nice bridge between the full size FTE and the Micro, which doesn't have the screw capture.
  19. JaysonF

    Rifle Scopes Badger Ordnance base question

    Does anyone know what size Torx screws come with the Badger Ordnance 20 MOA savage short action base? The item code is 306-06SAT and everywhere I look at best just mentions that there are Torx screws included. I lost the screws (D'oh) and now I have to order more. I see 2 different sizes on...
  20. H

    Gunsmithing Oversized Actions for 338 Lapua?

    I'm looking at options for a 338 LM build. I would like to get the strongest action (not in terms of action flex but barrel shank thickness and length). Badger m2008/m2013 1 1/16" diameter, ?? long BAT HRPIC 1 1/8" diameter, ?? long Defiance Deviant LA 1 1/16" diameter, ?? long Rem 700...