1. TerribleProblem

    Firearms Impact Prefits (TS Customs)

    Hello guys. I have two, brand new TS Customs (impact prefits) for sale! PM for more info but basic outline is down below. #1: 6-BRA 26" MTU EC Tapped/ 5/8x24 $500 #2: 6.5CM (SOLD) 26" MTU EC Tapped/ 5/8x24 $500
  2. K


    BCM STOCK. $40 shipped.
  3. HandymanHans

    Accessories Gone


    SOLD NIB Proof Research 26"/ 8 Twist / SS / 6.5 Creedmoor Pre Fit - Zermatt TL3 / SR3

    SOLD As the title says, I have a brand new Proof Research 26"/ 8 Twist / SS / 6.5 Creedmoor Pre Fit - Zermatt TL3 / SR3 up for sale. I sold off my last TL3 based rifle so all these pre-fits have to go, this is the last one. Price is $475 shipped to your door. Post here and PM if you want it...
  5. U

    Index pin undersized by .0002 should it be concerning?

    Just got a barrel with the index pin measuring .12480 Colt TDP spec calls for .1255 +0.000/ -.0005 so .0002 undersized I have another barrel from the same company measuring .12505 should this be concerning at all? The .1248 index pin is not sloppy in my upper receiver mouse hole/index pin slot...
  6. Ordnance Locker

    Accessories Garage Sale - Vortex, Kestrel, MDT, Grayboe, Warhorse, Tikka, SilencerCo, and more...

    I'm working on clearing out my garage of items that aren't in use, and I'll likely be adding to the list in the coming weeks. Most items are either new, or in like new condition unless noted and all prices include shipping CONUS unless otherwise noted. EDIT: Zelle or cash only, so please do not...
  7. B

    Scoring in new chamber , leaving marks on brass .

    hi everyone first time poster , i got a new barrel for my first bolt gun . Got the addiction and have been heavily chasing accuracy . So when this barrel arrived it took me a bit to get it installed and i checked it out with a bore scope , i saw chatter on the neck , but i also saw 2 grooves on...
  8. Droptinetrader

    SOLD TS Customs RimX Barrel - Shilen 24" Select Match 1/15 Twist #8 Contour

    For sale is a TS Customs Shilen Select Match 1/15 twist #8 contour Rimx barrel. It has around 500 rounds down the pipe. $450 shipped
  9. HandymanHans

    SOLD Proof Carbon 16" 6mm ARC 700.00

    New in packaging proof research carbon fiber 16" 6mm ARC Barrel. 700.00 shipped!!
  10. HandymanHans

    SOLD Proof Research Carbon 18" .223 Wylde 1:8 twist

    Brand new Proof Carbon 18" rifle length gas . 233 Wylde 1:8 twist. Never been out of the box. Purchased awhile back for a build that I've since abandoned. 740.00 shipped
  11. S

    .223 Wylde SPR Barrel Selection- 16" QPQ vs 18" Stainless

    Hey guys, I've been taking friends shooting pretty often and am wanting to build an inexpensive SPR-style upper in .223 Wylde to save the barrel life on my higher-end rifles in 6 ARC, 6 Creed, and other more powerful calibers. 95% of the time, we shoot between 50 and 200 yd, so I'll be loading...
  12. K

    Firearms LMT 16" 5.56 Barrel

    LMT 16" 5.56 Barrel . $250 shipped.
  13. wyo_lrhs

    Accessories Yardsale, Tikka Barrels, Stocks, Random Rings, bottom metals, etc.

    Cleaning up around my garage and I've got a pile of things to get rid of. Tikka Barrels: Shouldered McGowen 6.5 SAUM, 24" 1-7.5, threaded 5/8-24, Savage Magnum Contour, Brand new $450 shipped Shouldered McGowen 300 WSM, 18" 1-9, threaded 5/8-24, Remington Magnum Contour. Has roughly 150 rounds...
  14. J

    Outlier Barrel Initial Review

    I Ordered an Arken EP5 and an outlier 7mm-08 26" Nitrided Howa prefit on Memorial Day for $630 shipped. I did not receive a shipping notice for the barrel or scope. The scope arrived in about 7 days and the barrel 10 days. Initial impressions of the barrel were it was packed in a hard...
  15. U

    Correct gas port size for Daniel Defense 14.5 Gov profile midlegth barrel?

    Hey guys, stumbled across a spreadsheet today that had a list of manfufacters barrels and their gas port sizes all 14.5 variants for the Daniel Defense mid length barrels had a .076 I measured mine with some Class ZZ minus gauges and it measures .074? I know manufacturer sometimes switch things...
  16. V

    Looking for an 18" AR308 Barrel, down to Ranier Arms Ultramatch vs JP Supermatch

    The rifle is an Aero Precision M5 receiver set with JP SCS and VMOS - it will be suppressed fwiw. Scope is a SWFA 10x42 SS HD with a piggyback red dot. Looking for feedback from someone who has a fair amount of experience with both barrels. I'd ask that you don't get hung up on the fact that...
  17. Screach

    WTB WTB CZ 457 Factory Barrels

    Hey all, I’m looking for CZ Factory barrels that are threaded. I am looking for barrels 20” or longer in any caliber bull barrel preferred. Cash in hand Thanks guys.
  18. LongRange98

    Gunsmithing What are these embers?

    Hey all! Might be a stupid question but I’d rather ask & be sure. I was letting family shoot my 16” Tikka .308 when I noticed these embers burning in the air around the barrel after the shot I suspect it might be unburnt powder? The rifle was clean having only 11 rounds down the barrel after a...
  19. E

    Barrel Help?

    Hi all, I have a Seekins Havak Hit in 6.5 cm and am cleaning it thoroughly for the first time. I have put about 380 rounds through the barrel and can't get the sucker clean. Under the borescope I found these weird "spots or patches". What are they and should I be concerned? Almost looks like a...
  20. SniperCook

    SOLD 223 proof prefit/ 6gt proof prefit

    Proof prefit 223/ 6gt proof prefit competition contour. For zermatt origin tl3/sr3 drop in asking for 700 plus shipping. Or 400 each