1. W

    Trying to get barrel measurements for an older Ruger

    Hey y’all, I’ve got a question regarding an older Ruger M77 mkii, if I remember correctly the rifle is a 1995 model. Before anyone needs to tell me to ditch the old Ruger and buy something else, I know exactly what this rifle is, I’m not trying to to get 1/2” groups or anything, but there’s a...
  2. F

    West VA Douglas Barrels

    Does anyone have experience with barrels from Douglas Barrels Inc from West Virginia? Curious how they compare against Bartlein, Proof, Hawk Hill, etc. Will be in need of a new 6.5CM barrel this time next year.
  3. Screach

    Accessories Unfired Q Fix 16” 6.5cm Barrel w/ Cherry Bomb

    I have a Q Fix 16” 6.5cm barrel with the Cherry Bomb muzzle brake attached. Picked up the rifle recently and have no need for the 16” barrel. Barrel is unfired and unblemished. $450 shipped conus
  4. Screach

    Accessories WTB Q Fix 6.5 cm barrel 22”+

    Hey all, I’m looking for a 6.5cm barrel 22” or longer for the Q fix. Low round count or virgin barrel preferred. I have cash. Proof Research Cabon Fiber preferred, however steel is also fine. Thanks all.
  5. ADAMS512

    Firearms 6 Dasher Barrels

    (1) Proof Prefit 6 dasher barrel 2,400 rounds on it (Competition Contour). Cleaned every 300 rnds. Still was shooting a .3 ground with 105 hybrids and Shooters World precision powder when barrel was pulled. $100 TYD (1) Roberts Precision 6 dasher Barrel 1.250 Straight. 1,987 rnds when pulled...
  6. K

    6.5 prc strings. How much is too much?

    I have a 6.5 prc bergara hmr pro , it doesn’t have the thickest barrel , it’s kind of in between a hunting contour and comp contour. I only took 3 shot groups for the first 30-40 round and then I shot a couple of boxes while doing 10 shot groups. Is this too much for my barrel? What is the...
  7. jeffr

    Accessories WTS 26" 6.5CM Proof Barrel for Terminus Zeus QG Prefit

    Selling new: Proof Research Bolt 6.5CM, 26", 1:8, 5/8x24 Thread SS Competition for Terminus Zeus Quick Change Drop in Prefit $400 Can be shipped Can meet near or surrounding ATX cities.
  8. Near miss

    Problems reloading precision ammo with Hornady 75gr BTHP

    I have tried to get the Hornady 75gr BTHP to play along with my MR223 but all my efforts have been futile. So far my attempts have consisted of Materials: 2 cases, Sako and Geco. 3 primers, 450, 400 and Ginex Only N540 powder, I have settled to that and have it stacked. Reloading changes...
  9. Big CHIEF

    Accessories WTS Proof Carbon Barrel - 6.5mm Blank

    For sale New Proof carbon barrel. Cal: 264, shank: 1.20", Finish length: 20", Twist 7.5, Contour: Sendero light. This is brand new still in package. $620 TYD lower 48.
  10. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories found

    Hi guys, I’m looking for a 20” or less 6.5 creedmoor barrel in savage small shank. Anybody got one they don’t need? Thanks!
  11. gcmiller04

    SOLD WTS Zermatt Origin/Proof Research barreled action, Area419 brake, Grayboe Ridgeback, Mags

    FOR SALE: UPDATE: BARRELED ACTION, STOCK, AND BOTH MAGS GONE STILL AVAILABLE: Hellfire Brake ($120), Arca Clamp and Barricade Stop ($80), 3 unopened boxes of Hornady 140g ELD Match 6.5cm ($100) Barreled Action - $1,190 SHIPPED (OBO) Proof Research stainless steel 26" Competition contour 1/8...
  12. K

    SOLD Sig p320 Xcarry optics ready slide and barrel

    Low round count Sig p320 Xcarry optics ready slide with night sights and barrel with x carry frame. Come with a complete slide and frame minus FCU. $215 paypal shipped for everything
  13. mhgray5

    Accessories Lilja 223-8 M4 Recon Barrel; Geissele Gas Block; SOLGW BCG; SOLGW Upper Receiver

    As the title states, I have the following that I need to sell. All were used for 200 rounds of brass cased ammo. Lilja 223-8 M4 NSW Recon Barrel (.223 Wylde) : $400 Shipped Geissele Gas Block / Bootleg Carbine Gas Tube : $60 Shipped SOLGW BCG: $125 Shipped SOLGW Upper Receiver: $130 Shipped I...
  14. R

    Rimfire Proof CF RimX Prefit Barrel

    Proof Carbon Fiber RimX Pre-fit Barrel, 22 LR, 20in, 1:16 Twist rate Bull contour, 1/2x28” threaded. Weight: 3.4 lb I’ve put ~800 rounds through it. Routinely shot .25”-.3" groups at 50 yards with SK Rifle Match and Lapua Center-X. I am selling it because I need a heavier barrel for PRS/NRL...
  15. T

    Accessories Whole Bunch of Stuff

    First for sale post so if I did something wrong please let me know! I have a whole bunch of stuff I'm looking to sell. I will update the post as items sell. Not really looking to trade for anything, but willing to negotiate some on the prices. Prices do NOT include shipping. 300x Alpha 6.5...
  16. S

    Accessories Defiance Barrels - Pre Fit and Used

    Selling barrels. Switching actions and no longer have a need for these. For Defiance Ruckus, may fit other Defiance actions but I don't know that for sure. PROOF: These are all brand NEW Pre-Fit barrels. 6.5 PRC carbon fiber 24" 1:7.5 "Sendero" - $600 shipped 6 CM stainless steel 26"...
  17. K


  18. go4ityoda

    Rimfire Keystone Accuracy Rim-X Prefit

    Heavy Palma Rim-X prefit. Threaded 1/2-28 20in $325. Green Mountain barrel.
  19. R

    SOLD Proof 20” RimX Prefit Barrel

    Lightly used Proof 20” Competition Contour RimX Prefit barrel with only 350 rds.
  20. Dr. Davy Jones

    WTB Wtb factory Remington 700 varmint contour 223 barrel

    Looking for 26”, 1:8 or 1:9 twist would be great. Shoot me a PM. Thanks!