1. B

    Everybody Needs At Least One AMR In Their Collection! Gotta Love A Barrett!

  2. Hoax001

    Barrett MRAD Factory loads

    Anyone have some suggestions on factory loads for the MRAD? I will be testing my new rifle and posting data and velocities after I get a chance to take her out. I am starting with 6.5 CM and the .300 NM. Any caliber/ barrel combination would be most appreciated.
  3. TINMAN347

    Firearms Barrett Rec7 Gen2

    -For Sale- Barrett Rec7 Gen 2 in 5.56 Rifle is in great shape, piston driven with gas regulator switch for suppressor. Lots of upgrades. ……Update scope has sold….. -Razor 1-6 in vortex QD cantilever mount -Holosun RDS in trex arms offset mount -Surefire Warcomp -Larue MBT trigger -Streamlight...
  4. Linn Paing

    WTB [WTB] Barrett MRAD 2022 version in 308 or 338 lapua + proof research barrels.

    Hello everyone, I am a new member on here. I made a new account I have been searching for a barrett MRAD from online shops but most of them are out of stock the the ones that are in stock had shady reviews from reddit. I am currently looking for a barret MRAD in 308 or 26" 338 LM (black or...
  5. allen200

    Accessories Barrett muzzle brake and suppressor mounts

    Unfired, removed from new barrel kits. Suppressor mounts will include thread protectors. -5/8x24 am30 $120 -3/4x24 am338 $140 -5/8x24 brake $50 Prices are shipped Take all package $280
  6. vvayvvard

    Firearms Newest Gen Barrett MRAD (Folding Stock) .300 WM - Price Drop

    Howdy, all. This is a brand new latest-generation Barrett MRAD bolt-action rifle, color black with the MLOK handguard. Currently set up in .300 Win Mag configuration. If you're unfamiliar with the system, you can find more about it from Barrett's website here -- the short of it is that it's a...
  7. Edub33

    Barrett Fieldcraft 6.5CM

    Hey folks - have a buddy selling a Barrett Fieldcraft 6.5CM with Talley rings for $1500. It’s been fired 5-6 times but otherwise sits in his safe unused. Don’t need a new rifle, but I like the idea of buying from a friend without a paper trail. Does anyone have any input on this rifle? Not a lot...
  8. sniperk1ng20

    Accessories SOLD

    Make: Barrett Model: MRAD Caliber: 308 Winchester 17" Location (city or county): Orange County Price: $1100 Will ship (Y/N): Yes on your dime Other info: 17" Steel barrel - these are currently 3 month lead time from the factory. I have shot 60 rounds through this for brake in and thats it. Like new.
  9. Suppressed Barrett MRAD 338 Lapua Magnum-1000 Yard Practical Precision - POV and Target Cam

    Suppressed Barrett MRAD 338 Lapua Magnum-1000 Yard Practical Precision - POV and Target Cam

    First round 1K hits, and semi-rapid fire of some sweet, sweet 338 Lapua Magnum handloads.Rifle Info:Barrett MRAD (Modular Rifle, Adaptive Design) in 338LM (1...
  10. The Judge

    Firearms WTS: Barrett 416 m99

    Selling my Barrett 416 m99. -approximately 40 rds down range -VERY MINT condition -ships in hard case $3800 shipped CONUS $1,400 shipped for the Nightforce NXS 8x32-56 Mil Rad SFP with rings, Zero Stop option and MRAD Turrets As a package, $5,100 (includes shipping CONUS)
  11. lowlight

    My Political Post, (after which I will ban myself)

    Rocky Mountain Gun Owners giving away a Barrett M82A1 complete package... <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Home - Colorado's No-Compromise Gun Rights Organization - Rocky Mountain Gun Owners...
  12. cuzi.defense

    Barrett M95 Sling Suggestions

    I recently picked up a Barrett M95 and love the Pelican case it comes in, but would rather carry it on a sling. I have a Magpul MS3 that I put on just to see if it would work but am curious if there are any slings specifically designed for the M95. A simple google search didn't show many...
  13. W

    New to the forum, Discussion on Barrett Ex Rings.

    Firstly I'll try to answer any preliminary questions. Im shooting a Savage 110BA. Chambered .338 Lapua. Savage Factory base (20 MOA), Leupold Mark 4 Tactical Rings. Nightforce 8x32x56mm w/ NP-R1 reticle. I've Zeroed at 500 Yards. Shooting at 1000 yards consistently. I was planning on...
  14. N

    Attaching Accessory Rails Barrett MRAD

    Hey all, Just curious I was wondering what would be the best approach to attaching the Accessory Rails to the MRAD? See I am concerned about the finish on my rifle and am certain that even if I follow the instructions to a T and apply carefully balanced 35 in/lbs. w/ LocTite the finish area...
  15. N

    New Guy from Texas!

    Hey All, Just wanted to do a short introduction. I'm from South East Texas and I'm a born and raised Texan through and through. I am currently in the US Navy based up North but I hope to commission into the Marine Corps at a later point in time. On my free-time and Leave I enjoy: mudding...
  16. N

    New Guy from Texas!

    Hey All, Just wanted to do my semi-late introduction sooner, rather than later. I am from Texas but am currently in the US Navy and hope to commission into the Marine Corps at a later point in time. I enjoy shooting, mudding, noodling, and just about any type of good ole' Redneck activity...
  17. cuzi.defense

    Rifle Scopes .50 BMG Zero Distance

    I am new to the .50 BMG caliber and am curious what the standard zero range is for the round. I have heard allot of different rumors as to the round not stabilizing until it passes 300m and am curious if there is any truth to this.
  18. A

    Difference between the Barrett MRAD & Barrett M98B?

    What is the difference between the Barrett MRAD , and the M98B?
  19. H

    375 cheytac brass?

    I am new here and I have a brass question What is the life on the Bertram 375 brass using semi hot loads and what about bullets? what bullets do you guys use in a 1:11.5 barrel and how long does the barrel live I'm thinking 1500 rounds with those ballistics and if you had to choose between a...
  20. O

    416 Barrett

    I was pondering the thought of getting 416 Barrett. I did a general search but found nothing. Any 416 shooters here? I'm looking for reloading data and a sorce of componants. I checked out barrett but there not giving anything up. They want to sell there stuff only. BTW I wont be buying a...