1. LibertyOptics

    Rifle Scopes Introducing Barrett Firearms riflescope rings!

    Hiders, Many of you shoot some hard kicking, lightweight rifles that push the envelope of power and portability. One question I get alot is do we carry any 6-screw cap, extra wide rings for the 300RUM, 338 Lapua, 408 Chey-Tacs or .50 cal that offer the secure, extra wide grip on the scope to...
  2. O

    Rifle Scopes Which scope for Barrett M107?

    Buddy just picked up a Barrett M107. Looking at either a Night Force 5.5X22X56 or a Schmidt and Bender of some kind(spelling may be off) Strictly a range toy. Thanks
  3. one shot ST

    Rifle Scopes S&B 5-25x56 PMII P4 and Barrett BORS

    Finally I got them, waiting for my Accuracy International in .338 I'm thinking to mount the items on my M700.. About S&B nothing more to say, very good optics, I'm already using a S&B short dot on my EBR About the BORS waiting to try it I've founded on the web different things... for...
  4. A

    Weekend fun with my Barrett M82CQ pics and video:)

    Took out the Barrett M82 CQ this weekend for some fun. The range i went to only had a 100yard range but i decided to do some controlled shots and also some rapid fire shots to explore the our limitations combined. I was quite impressed actually. All the talk about how the M82 is not "accurate"...
  5. wordisbawn2008

    difference of barrett m90/m99

    i recently noticed a used barrett m90 advertised at 4800...a buddy of mine bought a brand new m99 for around 4200...i was just wondering if anyone could site the differences between the two?...
  6. P

    Barrett 99 vs AR-50

    Hello I am going to buy one of these guns there both used and around the same price but if you had a choice which would you buy and why? Im leaning toward the Barrett right now but the AR-50 is a monster of a gun thanks
  7. shane45

    Rifle Scopes Barrett Rings???

    I see Barrett has new rings out. Not trying to stir the pot but isnt this the design feature of TPS rings? Funny thing is I designed rings just like this a couple years ago and I even called them Zero Gap Rings just like the Barrets, then I found...
  8. E

    Barrett M98B .338 LM

    does anyone have any info on this rifle? price performance anything really
  9. L

    Barrett 98B

    There's got to be pics and range reports somewhere. I'm getting the itch!
  10. P

    Rifle Scopes Scope for Barrett M99

    Hey Guys I am looking for a good scope for my .50. Wanting to spend up to 3000.00. Want to shoot out to 1500 yards. Would like a reticle similar to THIS ONE
  11. C

    416 Barrett??? Whats the general opinion

    Does anyone have one of these bad boys. From what they show on the Futureweapons and then compare it to the 408 that they shot in Arca, ID on the sniper country blog, I think the 416 is a sure shooter. 416 was a first shot kill at 2500 and the 408 was lucky to hit a sheet of plywood at 1900...
  12. J

    Photos My friend Carmen's first time shooting the Barrett

    My friend Carmen came over and we had a little fun at the range with the 82A1. She had a blast and will be shooting it more for sure!
  13. N

    416 Barrett

    Okay guys, who has any exerience with the Model 99 and this round. Curently a gunshop here in OZ is marketing the 99 and 460 Steyr. Or I would have to go a custom 408 at more expense. Give me your wisdom
  14. Shadow_Warrior

    Gunsmithing Barrett 82A1 replacement barrel options???

    I have a Barret 82A1 and would like to see if there is anyone making SS Match replacement barrels for the 82A1?
  15. Alaskaman11

    Barrett 98B

    has anyone had a chance to put the new Barrett 98B through is paces yet. Can it stand with a AI/TRG/Sugron? Personaly I have had a chance to handle it (not shoot) and im not sure.
  16. Down Under Hunter

    416 BARRETT POWDER- What is it ? Load data ?

    Does anyone know what the powder of choice is through the 416 Barrett. Anyone have any loading data they are having success with yet ?? Cheers DUH