1. CSTactical

    Rifle Scopes Nightforce BEAST

    Nightforce BEAST Reticle options: MIL-R, H59, TREMOR2, MOAR Link to the Nightforce BEAST The Nightforce BEAST elevation turret system in ½ MOA and ¼ MOA precision elevation lever. Notice the Brake Control knob on the top, this locks the turret from moving. The Nightforce BEAST elevation...
  2. E

    Suppressors My beat to hell carry 1911

    This is my ugly duckling / frankengun started as a SA LW compact that had the guts swapped out with Wilson Components by the guys at the custom shop. The gun never fed that well and the lock up sucked on the factory barrel so I sent the thing over to the guys at EGW. They installed a...