1. ucsfl05

    New Barrel Throat Finish, Rifling damage- is this Normal?

    Wanted to get an opinion on this- just got a brand new benchmark barrel in 6GT and cleaned it. This is what my throat looks like and there is some damage to the rifling just before the crown. What would you do? Thanks
  2. Blaster01

    Firearms Kelbly - benchmark carbon - 6.5 prc

    Letting this one go. 6.5 prc chambered benchmark barrel, carbon wrapped by omr. 1/8 twist. 5/8x24 with thread protector. On a kelbly tac action. $2150 shipped.
  3. Blaster01

    Accessories .224 8tw Benchmark MTU

    Selling for a buddy. As the title says, it’s an 8tw benchmark 224 barrel in mtu. 26” finish length. $365 shipped
  4. MLC

    223AI 62 TSX with Benchmark

    Has anyone used this combo in an 8 twist? I'm shooting them coated in hBN and starting at 23.5 and going to the case neck 25.5+/-. With these suckers being pricey and all I'm certainly receptive to advice.
  5. mdesign

    H322 or BenchMark?

    Anyone using H322 or BenchMark in your .233? I was thinking about using one of them for a hunting load in my AR with 69gr SMK. Bullets would have to be seated for mag feed.
  6. V

    Gunsmithing Benchmark Barrels

    Does anybody have any experiance with Benchmark Barrels? They seem to have pretty good reports, and are at a dang good price for a contoured polished blank. Thanks.
  7. BgBmBoo

    RL-15 at Third Gen. Shooters & BenchMark powder

    Here ya go....bunch of RL-15,3627.html BenchMark,3636.html Take care,Stan