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  1. I

    Accessories Lilja 264/ 6.5mm, 8 twist SS 3-groove, #7 contour barrel blank

    New. Still in packaging $300 shipped
  2. C

    SOLD Hawk Hill 6.5MM 1:8 Marksman Barrel Blank

    Ordered this barrel in 2015 from OTM and have been waiting for a build, but keep buying guns instead. Figured it doesn't need to keep taking up room. Have not seen one for sale in a while and this was always a hard barrel to find. Real OG Hawk Hill. Hawk Hill Marksman Contour 6.5MM 1-8 Twist...
  3. D

    Accessories sold

  4. M

    Point Blank Ballistic Program

    Does anyone use this? I have started using it and I can't find a way to make it show the data in meters instead of yards.
  5. Switchblade

    My Blank Slate

    My newly aquired blank slate. It will be stripped of everything in it. The HVAC will go above the joists, then I will inset Kitchen lights in between the joists(Shop lights have nasty hum to them). The roof will be done in maybe silver peg board, or maybe white knotty pine, still working on that...
  6. jayjaytuner

    Gunsmithing how much to cut off barrel blank

    krieger barrel....was wondering, if the blank is a total of 29" can it be made to 28" or is it reccomended to take 2" off the barrel how far are the tool marks on the end of the barrel?
  7. 18Echo

    Caliber choice for .284 barrel blank

    I have a Rem 700 LA on hand and a Krieger 1:9 .284 MTU contour barrel on it's way. I have Gary Ocock lined up to put everything together. Original plan was 7mm Rem Mag, but after reading many posts and then checking out the 6mmBR.com section on 7mm's I'm having second thoughts. I want a 1K...
  8. rero360

    Blank Ammo

    Gents, I am being tasked to be the technical supervisor on a movie that my girlfriend is directing soon. There will be firearms used in the movie and I want to try and have things be as real as possible. My question is, does anyone have any recipes for blanks and how best to create them? I'm...