1. xNF_9

    Cost of Blueprinting?

    What would be the cost of blueprinting a remington 700 police? Also I would like to get mine trued also. What would that cost too?
  2. GasLight

    Gunsmithing Thread truing - Action blueprinting

    What method is used to determine if and how far out of true the action threads are when truing an action? Thanks, Dave
  3. P

    Gunsmithing Blueprinting and barreling Howa and Tikka actions

    Hello all, So far I've found Roedale Precision, who can blueprint and rebarrel both Howa and Tikka actions, and Mtguns, who does work on Tikkas, but who else (gunsmith) does truing and rebarreling work on Howa 1500s and Tikka T3s? Thanks.