1. G

    Hunting & Fishing Turkey By Boat

    We heard and saw a good number of turkeys last Fall while wood duck hunting in this particular creek, so it made sense to go back in the Spring and see if they were still in the area. We had four gobbling from one roost. The first bird came down pretty quickly and walked right up to my buddy...
  2. J

    Rebated Boat Tail Bullets

    It seems to me that most match bullets are BT bullets. However, I've noticed that some Lapua bullets are rebated BT. There was a resent thread about making your own match bullets and the company that makes the dies for the bullets seems to only offer rebated BT dies for their match bullets...
  3. J

    Berger .223 boat tail

    Has anyone used the 22 cal. 73 or 77 grain berger boat tails?
  4. mnjm


    HOW TO LOAD A BOAT ON A PICK UP ! 1. Load up beer, 2-3 ice chests full 2. Relax, have beer. 3. Hook boat trailer up to truck 4. Drink lots of beer 5. Drive real fast 6 . Hit light pole (needs to be a solid one) 7. Boat will load it self onto truck. 8. Relax, have another beer. Not...