1. S

    Suppressors Les Bear,Wilson,Ed brown,etc

    Hi Guys, I wanted some opinions on all top line 1911's. I read that Les Baer machines their slides,frames,etc after heat treatment and that they are very precise.I'm leaning toward getting one. The ones I've handled have been the tightest fitting 1911's.Whats your overall impression on them...
  2. R

    Rifle Scopes The Brown Truck came today!

    Hey guys, I was very excited today when I stepped outside, and my wife goes "hey, you got a package today." Looked down on the doormat to see the box which I knew what was inside. I ordered a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5x14x40 side focus matte mil dot from ManVenture Outposts. I know it isn't a...
  3. TaterInTheSouth

    Rifle Scopes Big Brown Truck just Showed Up.

    Decided to upgrade from my 10x SS Yesterday.. Called Chris at SportOptics And I took delivery Just Now. I have not even had a chance to open it as I’m still at work.. How FAST Is That!! Hammond "is" just down the road, But still that is fast. Oh ya, NightForce NXS 3.5-15x50 Chris, Thanks my...
  4. BgBmBoo

    Brown truck brought new what? I received a comparator set today and measured some factory Black Hills with it and then my ammo.I am using Sierra Blitz King and Speer TNT 50gr. Even though they have pretty close OAL...the Black Hills with the 50gr Vmax is quite a bit longer at the is this maybe why my hand...
  5. C

    A.J. Brown Arms

    Anyone have them build gun?? If so what did you think.
  6. rdsii64

    Rifle Scopes The brown truck came through

    My New wonder optics scope has arrived. As soon as I get done with dinner I will get at it and post some pics and an over all first impression.
  7. Phylodog

    AJ Brown builds a great rifle!

    It's here!!!! Alan did a fantastic job and I can't wait to shoot it next week. My .223AI bolt gun is complete and is on it's way to me. I love this part but hate it. I do pretty well during the build process and manage to pretty much forget about it but as soon as I get word that it's...