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  1. M

    Oklahoma hunters save Locked Buck!! Must see ending

    Wow is about all I can say and I'd of been shakin a bit more than that with him that close. No lie about the ending and they are lucky it didn't get wilder! BUCKS LOCKED UP ? Wild Rescue 2013
  2. BECKS7

    A-max 168's for 8 bucks!!

    So I happend on a box of Hornady 168 A-max the other day...for 8 bucks. I have never used them befor and was wondering who has a load for them? I have a Remington 5R milspec, anyonebody else have the same barrel/rifle and used these? I have IMR 4064, fed 210M primers, and fgmm brass If you have...
  3. Dsparil

    Rifle Scopes Best scope for 600 bucks

    for a .223 with 16" bbl.