1. Beyschaefer

    Good Builder for a Tikka 595 based build?

    I'm not even done with a .308 build on a Savage action yet, and I'm starting to plan my next rifle. I have a Left Handed Tikka 595 in .308 (the predecessor of the T3 model). It's not nearly as accurate as my Tikka 595 in .223 so I plan to strip it for its action to build a new rifle on. It'll...
  2. rijndael

    Gunsmithing Virgina Rifle Builder - Sure Shot

    Is anyone familiar with a rifle builder, in Virginia, called Sure Shot? I can't find any data on them.
  3. Michael Victor

    GAP Builder Symbol Guide...

    (Sorry if this has been asked before, I know this info is somewhere on this site but after searching I still can't find it!) George, can you give us a rundown of what which builder is using which colored dot stickers? and what are each of your symbols? Thanks, Michael -a very happy GAP Customer.
  4. caseys2023

    Best of the best Custom Rifle Builder's

    I have heard of some of the great builder's of custom rifle's out there, but am looking for a list because I can only remember one which is A.J Brown. I know there are more gunsmith's out there like this, so I am trying to find some more. Anyone know of gunsmith's like this who are going to...