1. sniper7369

    Gunsmithing Canjar trigger on new 700 SPS?

    OK, so today when I ordered my HS precision stock for my 700 I picked up this old Canjar trigger. I REALLY do not like the X-mark trigger that came with rifle. Anyway, my stock will be here Tuesday and I was going to see if this trigger would work in my rifle. I just don't have any idea if...
  2. K

    Gunsmithing Canjar trigger

    I am trying to find a couple of Canjar triggers for Enfield, Mauser, and Rem 700 any ideas?
  3. sosicmcise

    Gunsmithing So I have this Canjar trigger...

    A friend of mine gave me a Canjar trigger. How are they in comparison to the factory Remington 700 x-mark trigger? I have both, but I know nothing about the Canjar, I read that they went out of business in 2007. Your thoughts? Any information would be greatly appreciated.