1. Twisted

    Quarterback wrist band play card holder....

    Anyone know where to get one? Or even know what I am talking about? The wristbands that quarterbacks sometimes where in football with a card in it that they keep plays on? I want one for my range cards when shooting matches.
  2. wjwill

    Range Report Figuring your bullet drop for a dope card???

    I went to buy a scope dope today and the guy told me to shoot 3 rounds at each distance on the card. then take the average of each shot at each range and use that for my dope. Am I being fed bullshit here? Can someone explain how they figure a scope dope car?
  3. Doc Holiday13

    Range Report Range Card Critique

    but I've been overly bored at work due to not having any projects. Soo I brought a reloading manual to work today and decided to make up a "report card" I might drop the plot size down to fit better in a notebook. I'm bored enought to even drawing the shell itself(this entire sheet was done in...