1. konabully

    Photos 1989 G.Mac Cat. #2

    That's all. Hope you enjoyed the blast from the past and could use these for possible reference.
  2. konabully

    Photos G.Mac Cat. #3

    Part #3.
  3. konabully

    Photos G.Mac Cat. #2

    Part #2.
  4. konabully

    Photos G.Mac Cat. #1

    Just thought I'd share. Here's an old G.McMillan catalog circa very early '90's. Here's part #1.
  5. PLeighton

    C.A.T. M-4 Tool Opinions?

    While shopping for some parts for a friend of mine's AR build I stumbled across an interesting piece of equipment. It's called the C.A.T. M-4 Tool and provides a solution to cleaning the bolt carrier group of an AR platform. For years now I've been looking for a tool that would remove the...
  6. 2

    Maggie’s Cat found

  7. JRose

    Maggie’s Stalking cat

    This kitty could teach you a thing or two about the stalk...
  8. teknikallysekure

    Movie Theater Cat Shit one.

    Awesome. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value=""></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed src=""...
  9. vwhugger

    Hunting & Fishing Austan's cat got loose.

    DNR officials try to nab mountain lion spotted near Spooner - 03/06/2009 State wildlife officials say they’ll wait for a day or so before trying to nab a mountain lion spotted in the woods of northwest Wisconsin. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources workers shot a tranquilizer dart...