cheek rest

  1. T

    Found cheek rest ID

    Found a cheek rest in an old locker on Fort Bragg. Aluminum construction with foam glued to it. Rectangular aluminum pillar. Single slot on each side for a screw to secure it to the stock. I was thinking it’s McMillan, but I can’t confirm which stock it would go with. Anyone know? Either way...
  2. 6gunner

    SOLD Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest

    I have a black Bradley adjustable cheek rest. Comes with the straps and pad. It’s in very good shape. $90 shipped. Email me at sixgunner @
  3. M

    Where should i put my money? "strap-on" Cheek pad for rifle

    Hello Sniper's Hide members I'm totally new on this forum. So if this thread is in the wrong category an Admin can move it as he/she wants to, and hello to everybody from the newbie here :) I have some trouble with getting perfect sight alignment on my hunting rifle ( in look into the bases...
  4. Idaho Savage

    Best Means to Acheive Cheek Position

    As mentioned in another thread, I have a new Savage 111 Long Range Hunter in .300 WM with a Vortex Viper scope. The rifle, as some of you might know, comes equipped with an adjustable comb on the stock but it appears hokey to me: Plastic with coarse threaded thumb screws, just begging to get...