1. 3

    S&B click values, 250gr Lapua Scenar - cannot find ballistic solution

    I shoot a 338 Lapua - TRG 42. The rifle is a dream - shooting half MOA and better on 1000m. I need help on the following two issues: 1.) 1-10 Twist 250gr Lapua Scenar 880m/s 834hpa (absolute) Zeroed at 200m MRAD clicks (S&B 5-25x56 - first focal plane) Shooting north south in order...
  2. bbrand71

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mark IV clicks

    Can Leupold do anything to improve the the clicks on a Mark IV with M1 knobs? Mine are hard to feel and even harder to hear. I don't know if this is common all all Mark IV's. Money's tight and times are hard so please don't tell me I need to upgrade to S&B, NF, or USO (although I wish I could).
  3. S

    Rifle Scopes Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

    I recently purchased a Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 scope with 1/4 MOA turrets, but without an owner's manual. I have to admit to being rather confused about why the elevation clicks don't align with the lines depicted on the turret itself. Can anyone please post a link to a webpage discussing...
  4. I

    Rifle Scopes 1/4 MOA Clicks available on all March Tacticals!!

    Deon just released the 5-32x and 10-60x with 1/4 MOA clicks, per customer demand!! We are working towards making the market happy!! Ian A. Kelbly
  5. M

    Rifle Scopes <$1000 scope with clicks and reticle in like units

    Aside from the Falcon Menace 4-14 FFP, is there any other scope out there for <$1K that has clicks and reticle in the same units? Mike