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Rifle Scopes Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks


Full Member
Full Member
Nov 29, 2008
Lancaster, PA
I recently purchased a Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 scope with 1/4 MOA turrets, but without an owner's manual.

I have to admit to being rather confused about why the elevation clicks don't align with the lines depicted on the turret itself.

Can anyone please post a link to a webpage discussing use of the S&B MOA turrets? Thanks in advance for any help.
Re: Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

Theres nothing wrong with the scope...after you sight it in, loosen the 2 allen lock screws on the turret and move the "0" back in perfect line with the hash mark (at the base of the turret) and tighten the 2 screws back down youll be GTG
Re: Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

Post above is correct.

The other thing is that the knob will sometimes shift half a click or so while you're tightening it down. Just hold some pressure on top of the knob while locking down the first screw.

Make sure you take the allen wrench with you to the range as well. Since the S&B has a zero stop a few clicks below zero, if you need to adjust it down to get on at 100yds, you'll have to loosen the allens and twist the turret up then re-tighten and twist down.

Anything else you need to know, ask away.
Re: Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

Thanks for the above replies, but aligning the zero point is not the confusion factor here. I'll elaborate.

I look at the elevation turret and start counting vertical lines starting from the number zero. Every fourth line is longer than the others and there are 12 lines between 0 and the first depicted number, namely number 3.

All right, I am thinking to myself: the label on the turret says that 1 click = 1/4 MOA. I expect each click to align with each depicted hash mark on the turret and every fourth click should increase my elevation 1 full MOA, with 12 clicks getting me to the number 3 on the turret.

But no, it takes 14 clicks from zero to arrive at the number 3. To move four lines on the turret requires not 4, but 4-2/3 clicks. To me, that is confusing. Do I have MOA turrets on a metric scope?

Next, I look at the windage turret (which also says 1 click = 1/4 MOA) and again every fourth line is a little longer than the others, but this time every fourth line is numbered. Fine, I expect four clicks to take me to the first number, i.e. number 1 (1 MOA?) and 40 clicks should get me to number 10 (10 MOA?).

But no, it takes 3.4 clicks to go from zero to 1, or in other words, 34 clicks to go from zero to 10. This is again confusing, especially since the windage and elevation turrets adjust at what seem to be completely different rates.
Re: Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

Well, I think to answer your question as to why every 4th line is longer is because S&B doesn't put the MOA by every single number. They put a number after every 2 MOA and the third MOA has the number on the turrent. Example: the numbers you will see appear are 3,6,9,12 etc...but every 4th longer line in between is still an MOA but not labeled on the turrent.

Also if you have any pictures of the turrent post them up.
Re: Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

Thanks rem .308, that explanation of the missing digits makes perfect sense, but what I am still scratching my head over is how it takes 14 clicks to go from zero to 3 in elevation and 34 clicks to go from zero to 10 in windage.
Re: Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

Yea I can't seem to place that either, I have a 3-12x50 PM II MOA also and takes me 12 clicks to get to number 3, make sure the 2 turrent screws are snug and try that if they aren't already.
Re: Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

Sorry that I have no photos to post, but my turrets are identical to the ones on the S&B scope in this online article: http://www.snipercentral.com/sbp2.htm.

Everything is snug. If your scope adjusts the way I expect mine should, I am thinking now that I bought a Milrad scope that is for some reason wearing MOA turrets.

To me that is good news and bad news. Bad news because I will need to find Milrad turrets. Good news because I would much rather have a Milrad scope than an MOA scope anyway.
Re: Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

Only one way to tell. Go to the range and shoot at 100 if your scope isn't already zeroed. Then look at where the round impacted and hold back at the center of your target and count the mils. Then dial those back in your scope and see if it is a MilRad. I wish I could trade my MOA for a MilRad.

If it turns out to be a Mil turrent contact Matt in Va as he sells S&Bs or Alex Roy at EuroOptic.com and see if they can order you a set of turrents.
Re: Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

Thanks for the references. I am wondering also if Premier Reticles might be able to install a Gen2XR reticle while changing the turrets. But I think I read somewhere here on the Hide a few months ago that they have stopped working on Schmidt Benders.
Re: Schmidt Bender PM2 3-12 MOA elevation clicks

If you don't mind, let's compare the number of clicks that our scopes can both adjust.

My windage turret can move a total of 116 clicks from one end of the range to the other.

My elevation turret can turn 209 (or 210?) clicks.