1. A


    Hey shooters! Greetings from somewhere less pleasant than you! (military deployment- it is 100 degrees in February here) I am looking to buy an unused discount code for a new Seekins Havak PH2 that I have my heart set on in 6.5 PRC... Wife says I can only buy one gun while I am deployed this...
  2. Stringer

    Gunsmithing MSC promo code (expires tomorrow) & question

    MSC/J&L is having promotions on measuring tools (code MEAS30WA) and power transmission (code PT35WA), and the offer ends tomorrow. MSC link Since I am getting tired of using the generic common-use tools at the shop, I thought this would be a good time to invest in some quality measuring...
  3. N

    Remington 700 barrel code question

    So I have this Remington 700 in 30-06 that I brought to the smith to be re-barreled. When he saw the rifle he said, woooah, this is an old one - a "flat top" I have looked up the date code. It's a G series, which could be 1938, 1960 or 1984 IIRC. His guess was 1960, I'm not sure. Can...