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  1. Ak7

    Firearms Wilson Combat Tactical Elite

    earlier Wilson Combat Tactical ElIte (45acp) 5in, made around 03. Has Novak sights and speed chute. Excellent condition comes with the original blue pouch, several recoil springs, 3 mags and a custom shoulder holster made by Diamond D. 2650 and I’ll split shipping. I am also open to trades and...
  2. Therrin

    Photos 870 Combat shotgun

    Here's the current setup of my 870. VC worked 18.5" barrel, WC 2rnd mag ext, WC polymer follower, VC domed saftey, VC 6rnd hex thru-bolted side saddle, Choate rear and foregrips, and yes... a crappy walmart sling. =) Future upgrades: ghostring sites, surefire foregrip w/integral light, diff...
  3. C

    Suppressors Wilson combat "Milennium Protector"

    Does anyone besides me own one of these or have access to shooting one? It is my understanding that this gun was what is now their "CQB". I have owned quite a few .45's over the years and have NEVER shot one or seen one shot that was anywhere near as accurate as mine is! It is trully amazing...
  4. J.Boyette

    Combat Focused Pistol Class in NC

    Where: Caswell County NC When: 11-12 July 09 Cost: $175 per student with a minimum count of five, and a maximum count of twelve Class Information: The I.M.T. LLC Combat Focused Pistol Class in a fundamental foundation of pistol instruction. This course will enhance any level of shooter that...
  5. T

    Photos Wilson Combat

    My new Wilson and It rocks...

    RO Combat Carbine & Handgun Course?

    Just curious if any Hiders are heading down to RO for the May 18th class? If its going to be a private lesson for me, well, that will be pretty damn cool. :-) Actually its always fun meeting up with folks from the Hide in real world circumstances. So sound off if you are coming down. And if...
  7. P

    Movie Theater Combat School

    I doubt Discovery Channel airs this in the US, but it's been a really good series... http://www.discoverychannel.ca/showpage.aspx?sid=14403
  8. ROGUE7A

    Photos Combat Diver M60 E3

    Nice "Rebreather"
  9. ROGUE7A

    Photos Combat Diver MP5

    Wet and Wild
  10. K

    Suppressors Help!! I need an IWB Holster for Sig 226 Combat TB

    I just bought the wife a Sig P226 combat TB but I cannot find an IWB holster for it. I called Comp Tac and there P266 with rail holster will not fit and they could not give me a date on when they would start making them. Can any one help me out here or can tell me it the Comp Tac will work with...
  11. KYS

    Suppressors SIG P220 Combat w/ can. what ammo runs best?

    Alright, after all the headaches I finally got my YHM Cobra M2 can put together with the CORRECT thread pattern. Now mind you, all I had was some Independence ammo sitting around the house when I decided Id run a few thru it to see what it sounded like. Well it jams, stove pipes, and didnt catch...