1. Ghogs Nightmare

    Completed Ap4 308...well mostly

    Well basic DPMS Ap4 308 with a few add ons: Magpul Moe stock PRI folding front/rear sights Magpul Miad Grip Primary Weapon System Brake/Comp GGG QR Mount with scope covers Trijicon ACOG TAO1 *THANKS LIBERTY OPTICS!!!! Scott's awesome buy with confidence! . This is a quick 5rnd group with...
  2. 2

    223ai completed

    Well, after what feels like forever, my 223ai is finally complete. The first gunsmith I took the components to did a fine job of truing everything up, but the barrel was chambered incorrectly and the brass would blow in half. Unfortunately, the problem was not corrected in a satisfactory manner...
  3. I

    Long range project completed

    A few photos of my first proper long range rifle. 7mm WSM Surgeon WSM action Bartlien Heavy varmint contour, 1-9 twist finished at 28. AICS 2.0 Jewell Nightforce 12-40x56