1. J

    Gunsmithing Best way to remove old bedding compound?

    What is the best way to remove old bedding compound? Will rebarrel and switch over to badger DBM setup and want to make sure the pillars/bedding is correct. Thanks
  2. D

    Gunsmithing Lapping Compound

    I was wondering what in your opinion is the best lapping compound. And correct if i am wrong but dont you just put some on the locking lugs and work the bolt a few times?
  3. DAFAR

    Valve grinding compound

    Hey Guys is JB Bore paste pretty much the same thing as valve grinding compound
  4. Highground

    Gunsmithing Trigger Adj. Screw Locking Compound

    After adjusting the trigger weight adjustment screw on a Remington trigger(in my case an XMark)what are some locking compounds that can be used on that screw? It has been mentioned here in other posts to use nail polish. Are they talking about the bright red crap that my wife has in her cosmetic...
  5. SScott

    Gunsmithing Stock bedding compound choices?

    OK guys, I want to hear your proven bedding compound choices. I have a Remington 700 with Bell and Carlson tactical, and a Savage with a Mcmillan stock that I want to bed. At the Sporting goods store they had Acra glass and some other kit. but I have also seen Devcon mentioned here. Could a...