1. Redback One

    Training Courses Redback One High Threat Concealed Pistol - February 24-25, 2018 - Sacramento, CA

    High Threat Concealed Pistol Course Dates: February 24-25, 2018 Location: Sacramento, CA Cost: $525 Enrollment: Description: This course has been developed to provide the student with a high level of proficiency when carrying a concealed firearm as the primary weapon...
  2. captnmo

    Suppressors XDm Conceal holster?

    Anyone carry a Springfield XDm for a CCW and find what holster works? I've got a cheap IWB that works but not very comfortable for long term. I've been to a few stores and not many seem to know if there's any holsters specifically for the XDm though it seems one shaped for a Sig P229 fits best.
  3. captnmo

    Suppressors Walther PPS for conceal carry?

    Anybody have good or bad experience with the Walther PPS for conceal carry? I need a conceal carry weapon and doing some shopping. Thanks!
  4. srv656s

    Suppressors What's a good 1911 mag pouch for conceal carry?

    I've been carrying an extra magazine in my pocket when I carry my 1911 and it irritates me and it's not the best place for it since it tends to pick up lint. Also, not the most accessible place for it. I've decided to buy a 1911 magazine holster, there are a ton out there I don't know what to...