1. A

    Gunsmithing Birdsong contact info?

    Had a phone # in an email that vanished. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Alan
  2. kombayotch

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Optics contact info?

    Their site has been down forever... Anyone know their e-mail address?
  3. J

    Contact info: Van Dyke Rifle Designs

    New Guy here. I hope this is the correct forum to post this. Does anyone here know how to get ahold of John or Bill Van Dyke of Van Dyke Rifle Designs? I am seriously considering legal action against Van Dyke Rifle Designs and would really like to talk to either John or Bill before I start...
  4. duey1267

    Black-T contact?

    I have tried several searches for Black-T and can't find crap for a contact # or a web site. Anybody have any info???? Thanks! Duey
  5. zink14

    LWRC Point of contact

    anyone have a legit point of contact at LWRC, or any legit info on the SABR est. ship dates? thanks Zink
  6. glock24

    VBull Precison? Any leads on a contact?

    Anyone know the best way to contact Ed Beggs @ VBull Precision? The links to his website are dead, and it appears JW Precision has dropped his line of products. Anything happen recently I need to know?
  7. G

    Gunsmithing KMW contact info?

    Can someone provide me with the contact info for Terry Cross at KMW? The link on their site is down.
  8. J

    Gunsmithing FN contact info

    I have an action that is bad. Does anyone have a suggestion of who to call at the FN factory before sending it in? I have read on here sometimes they don't have the best customer service.
  9. B

    Phoenix Machine email contact link problem

    Phoenix Machine email contact link problem I saw a post on from a gentleman who had attempted to contact us and we had not responded to his request. Apparently our “email contact form” is not working properly so we have missed some requests. I will contact the web host...
  10. shooter65

    Maggie’s Making Eye Contact

    Sometimes it's difficult to look someone in the eye when you're talking to them........ I think in her case it's because she's squinting.