1. I

    Accessories Lilja 264/ 6.5mm, 8 twist SS 3-groove, #7 contour barrel blank

    New. Still in packaging $300 shipped
  2. E

    M40 Barrel Contour

    Anyone have the actual Barrel Contour Drawings of the original M40?
  3. 96C

    Gunsmithing Badger FTE for Remington Varmint Barrel Contour

    Hi fellas, I need a bit of help with this as I'm overseas again and have no access to my rifle for measuring. My Remington 700 SPS Tactical has a 20" Varmint factory barrel. Badger Ordnance makes their FTE Brake in two sizes: 3/4-28 for minimum .875" 5/8-24 for minimum .800" <span...
  4. KYS

    Cheytac M310 barrel contour ??

    What is the barrel contour of the Cheytac M310R made my Lawton ? I need the measurements so that I can relay some info for a barrel channel inlet on my stock. Thanks
  5. H

    Gunsmithing Barrel contour and chambering

    I have a heavy contoured barrel that is chambered in 260 Rem. The barrel is crowned and threaded. Is it possible to reduced the contour of the barrel to a smaller diameter and / or rechamber to a larger caliber? Would any gunsmith be able to do this or is this a project for only the barrel...
  6. rweldon

    Remington 5R, PSS, & SPS Tactical...barrel contour

    Does the Remington PSS, SPS Tactical, & 5R all have the same barrel contour? Are they all the "varmit" contour?
  7. D

    What's the heaviest barrel contour for a PSS stock

    If I rebarrel my PSS what's the heaviest contour i can use?
  8. mildot326

    5 to 5 1/2 Barrel contour

    Anyone have a pic of this barrel contour? I'm thinking on going this contour for the next rifle build. Its going into a Stiller action with a 5.56 chamber, AICS stock. Thanks
  9. F

    40x bbl contour ???

    anybody know the avtual BBl contour ? the stock i got in is to large so im looking for a actual contour to find a stock
  10. jayjaytuner

    which barrel contour?

    im building a 6.5x47 lapua, on a surgeon action, either 26 or 28" barrel length, most likely gonna go krieger...... which barrel contour would be reccomended
  11. smith934

    Gunsmithing Barrel Contour Question

    Anyone know if the AICS will take a M24 contour barrel without modification? Thanks
  12. pickpick

    Gunsmithing #5 contour douglas for 338lm?

    Is that enough barrel for that caliber in a 1-10twist?
  13. syme71

    Gunsmithing AICS Barrel Contour

    Does anyone know what barrel contour would best fit an AICS chassis? It would be for a .308. Thanks.
  14. JCH

    varmint contour

    what contour is a varmint contour? and please don't reply "varmint contour" I mean compared to what number.
  15. B

    Gunsmithing Rem model 7 help, j-lock, bbl contour, mag boxes,

    Trying to find a replacement firing pin assembly to dump a j-locked one. I have found countless manufacturers for the 700, but none for the 7. Any source other than Remington? Can anyone identify the barrel contour of a non-magnum Model 7? I've found no luck searching. Also, do the...
  16. P

    AICS 1.5 Stock adj. Cheek ??'s an Barrel contour?

    Will they AICS accept a barrel contour that would ne .950" at the muzzle ?? build is a 6.5x47 L also does it have an adjustable cheep piece ??? I would befitting it to a suregon short action. cheers Paul.